Fluix Integrations with Business Tools

Fluix is software that integrates with a variety of platforms and tools enabling you to automate every phase of your business flow.

Data Analytics

Business Intelligence Tools

Make reports and data analysis work for your business. Set up automatic extraction of the data collected with mobile digital forms in Fluix, and implement real-time visualization of any on-site processes in a BI tool you like.

Database Management

Work Collaboration Platforms

Try alternatives to Excel spreadsheets to make the best use of data integration services. Export the data your team captures with Fluix mobile forms to the tools with extensive reporting and visualization capabilities.

File Management

Cloud Storage Services

Go beyond simple file sharing. Connect your company cloud storage to Fluix in a couple of clicks, and use it in your workflows. Customizable rules will provide your field teams with access to specific files and folders on your storage, and will allow them to upload the completed forms to it.

Project Management

Task Management Tools

Keep the team synchronized on the project with tasks automatically created in the Dashboard right after the documents are completed in Fluix.

Ready Custom Integrations

Integration Platforms

Use integration platforms to connect Fluix to any service you use every day: accounting, project management, communication, data analysis and more.

Customer Data Management

CRM Tools

No more endless manual data entry. Information captured with mobile forms can be automatically submitted to the corresponding section of the CRM you’re using.

Team Communication

Messaging Tools

Don’t be afraid to miss an important message from a colleague in the overloaded mailbox. By integrating Fluix with the communication tool you will be notified right after the document is submitted in the Fluix app.

Access Management

Single Sign-On

No more mess around your passwords. Make sure your team securely accesses Fluix along with other applications using one set of credentials.

Automate Your Work With Business Integrations