Form Filling & Annotating

Form Filling Software

Quickly fill out any form required in your daily operations — from inspection reports, purchase orders, and invoices; to expense reports, time cards, sales contracts and hiring packages.

Fluix’s built-in annotation capabilities makes PDF form filling more efficient — increasing productivity of your field team and optimizing your operational workflow.

Eliminate challenges your business may be facing with an e-form filling software:

  • Human error causing costly mistakes from data loss or incorrect calculations
  • Fragmented business processes relying too much on manual effort
  • Time wasted on adding and re-editing information
  • Data breach resulting in significant fines and business lost to competition

Now there’s a simple way to overcome all these challenges and save your team’s time.

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Eliminate errors & add transparency

With form filling app, your sales teams or technicians will be able to quickly enter data into PDF forms on iPad or choose from a dropdown menu, with the simple click of a button. By making certain fields required you can ensure that the user will not submit a document unless all data is in place.

Enhance your PDF forms with automated calculations and complex scripts

Take a picture right from the PDF or upload an image from the Photo Gallery

Submit a unified report with all the photos and copies of supporting documentation included

“Fluix Collected Data provided me with the ability to report on virtually any field process. The best part is that it doesn’t create any additional burden for end users, effectively raising their productivity!”

Jeff Miller,
IT Manager
Centuri Construction

Gain extra hours for critical tasks and ensure data integrity

Automated form filling will provide your field team with a few hours of extra time to focus on their job rather than paperwork.

Enabling date pickers in PDF forms will also prevent your field team from manually filling in the form with the date every time.

Furthermore, you can always lock your documents so that it is impossible to open them in any other application but for Fluix – your business-approved solution.

“The real key Fluix selling point for Siemens is the customizable workflows. Without this functionality we would not be able to make the solution work across the varied working locations.”

Kathryn Ridsdale,
Mobile Engineer
Siemens Gamesa

14-day trial
Lightning-fast deployment
No credit card required