Electronic Document Signing

Efficient and legally binding way to get your documents signed quickly.

In Person

When your sales team is working with customers face-to-face, they can review and sign a digital contract in person. They can also send a copy to the office and the customer in real time.


If the customer needs to think things over, or discuss the details with other parties, Fluix lets your salesperson send the contract to the email address for review and signing with a legally valid e-signature.

Bulk Send

Getting a document signed by multiple people is time-consuming, so Fluix automates the process. Send one document to multiple recipients simultaneously, and get it signed and returned in minutes.

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Benefits of Electronic Document Signing with Fluix


Cut paper, commute, post and courier delivery costs. Instead of spending hours on printing hundreds of pages, scanning and uploading signed contracts, your teams can stay focused on selling and building relationships with customers.

Under Control

Get a full view of all activity in your account. Without having to call or text your team, you can log in to Fluix and see the status of every signature. Send reminders to ensure all critical documents are signed on time, and get a detailed report for any submit.

Simple to Use

Online document signing can be done from a computer or any mobile device, and your customers don’t need a Fluix account to accomplish it. They can receive a link via email, review the document, sign it and send the signed copy back in several minutes.

Legally valid & secure

Electronic document signatures in Fluix are legally binding. To ensure security, you can lock the document after it’s signed so that no changes can be made to it. Also you can manage the access to the document, and prevent copying signatures to other docs.


Integrate with business applications, including Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, and work with tools you already use. No more manual copy pasting of contract data into spreadsheets and the errors that go along with it.

“When looking for a solution to replace paper-based forms that properly supported handwritten signature handling, Fluix was the only one that fulfilled our three main requirements: ease of use, easy to deploy and strong compliance.”
Ignacio Garcia, Information Manager
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