Construction Management Software

Fluix is a cloud-based platform that helps digitize and automate task management and field inspections for construction.

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Solutions for Construction Companies

Workflow Automation

Create modular, configurable workflows to manage each phase of the construction life cycle. Distribute toolbox talks, assign tasks, centralize document control, and collect signatures for approval.

Task Management

Organize a workflow as a diagram and easily navigate within projects to view tasks, assigned performers, deadlines and priorities.

Team Collaboration

Work on documents in real time, improving process visibility and eliminating overruns. Control document distribution to multiple teams and users, set due dates and notify performers of required actions.

Electronic Signature

Get your documents signed by multiple recipients remotely or in-person. Send documents for bulk signing and track document status in real time.

Data Reporting

Monitor the data on key project phases using flexible reporting and advanced analytics. Effectively manage your team in the field and get real-time insights to ensure consistent efficiency across all projects.


Use password-protected forms, two-factor authentication and role-based permissions to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Connect Fluix with multiple tools to synchronize data sources, unify communication and collaboration between teams, and visualize your data.

Benefits You Get with Fluix Construction Management Software

Time & Cost Saving

Digital documents reduce printing and other paper-related costs, and workflow automation ensures project efficiency. Combine both to save on man hours, minimize human error, prevent rework, and avoid costly delays.

Mobile Inspections

Incident management, quality control, standardized on-site inspections, instant report submissions and capturing essential data can all be done using a mobile device, ensuring effective construction quality management.

Safe Construction

Safety toolbox talks and instant safety-related alerts can help with identifying potential hazards and addressing them in a timely manner, allowing you to maintain a heightened awareness of onsite health and safety.

Real-Time Communication

As software for builders and contractors, Fluix enables teams working from different locations, office or jobsite, to stay up-to-date with project info, access the data required to make fast informed decisions and minimize project overruns.

Security Standards

Fluix is compliant with GDPR, ISO and OSHA, to ensure that your documents are only shared with and accessible to the right people.

Recruitment & Training

Advanced technologies in the workplace can be an advantage when trying to attract young professional talent to construction. Besides construction document management, Fluix also offers solutions for training and skill conversion, helping to retain professionals.

See How Fluix Can Work for You

Fluix for Construction Professionals

Experts choose Fluix as construction management software to effectively manage projects, resources and clients.


Get access to all the project documents, fill out inspection lists with or without an internet connection, complete task assignments, and report on completed tasks.


Synchronize work between teams, plan tasks, estimate and monitor project costs and deadlines, collect document signatures, manage equipment, schedule payments, and more. 

Project Owners

Stay up-to-date on active projects and monitor their progress, set timelines and budgets for projects, sign inspection and quality control lists, and review reports.


Upload, distribute, edit and mark-up construction drawings and plans, approve material providers and monitor quality through punch lists and quality control workflows.

IT Administrators

Facilitate collaboration between the back office and the jobsite, streamline internal and external communications between all stakeholders, and centralize information from disparate data sources.

Customer Case Studies
“With automated workflows for remote teams, our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality and consistency has risen dramatically.”
Lachlan Jamieson, Project Manager
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“Fluix Collected Data provided me with the ability to report on virtually any field process. The best part is that it doesn’t create any additional burden for end users, effectively raising their productivity”
Jeff Miller, IT Manager
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“We use Fluix to create audit checklists and safety documents because it allows us to do immediate sign-offs onsite.”
Leanne Lawrence, Administration Manager
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“Fluix is the best tool for distributing, tracking, and collecting construction documentation. It is a perfect fit for custom mobile forms that are essential to our business.”
Rick Snyder, Senior Commissioning Agent
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“We are proud to have Fluix as a partner, it allowed us to automate our mobile processes without the need to write apps ourselves.”
Timo Göbel, Head of IT Department
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What’s the point of construction management software?

The software solution helps to make operations between your field team, office, and customers logical and clear. The processes flow in a coherent way, with no documentation chaos at all. It’s possible to see who’s doing what by when.

How to manage a filing system for a construction site?

It could be the shortest answer — use Fluix. But let’s dig into some details. Good file management lies in high standards. And a must-step to achieve these standards is to establish a framework, which gives a detailed description of the procedures for a file-documentation journey from the office to the job site and back, and between people involved in the project. With Fluix, not only you build that framework but also you digitize, automate, and track all types of construction reports you have to deal with — from risk assessment reports to safety and construction daily reports.

Is it possible to digitize old paper forms?

Yes. Basically, this is one of the main needs a mobile construction management software has to cover. When it comes to digitizing, Fluix lets you convert timesheets and contracts into interactive digital forms, view and annotate PDF documents, automate document workflows, and eliminate manual document delivery.

Will a construction management tool work offline?

Not all apps can work when internet connection is unstable, but our app works. We designed Fluix in such a way that most of the construction management work you can complete right then and there. Which means your field teams are able to send reports under any circumstances, rain or shine, and even while there is no internet at all. Fluix works well on devices by a factor of noise, dirt, and vibration. You can share work progress, punch lists, or site observations with anyone even if you’re far away from the office.

Does Fluix help with managing construction submittals?

Yes, Fluix helps. You can create a variety of forms for your workflows. While one set of documents may require going through a review-and-approval process, another may require going through a different set of submission rules. At each step in the process, participants can annotate and comment on specific pages, review annotations and comments from others, and add standard or custom stamps to indicate approval for all parties to view.

Does Fluix allow to restrict access to files and folders?

Yes, Fluix is flexible in managing groups and roles. But still, you’re the boss of document access and you choose who can see what. This role-based access to files and workflows makes you sure that project employees will stay focused only on the projects they’re involved in, no less and no more. What’s more, you can control deadlines by specifying how long each has to review and approve the submittal documents. By the way, you can find ready-made construction submittal forms right in Fluix or create new ones on your own.

What features to look out for when choosing construction software?

Everything depends on your personal needs. However, there are a number of features, which definitely should be in the list. We highlight such as project scheduling, project tracking, and document management.

Will Fluix help with on-site health and safety reports?

For sure. Fluix lets you submit safety reports remotely and take critical forms and documents on the go, directly to the job site in digital form. With our iOS solutions, you can coordinate between all the key members of your team, delivering safety and operational updates immediately without interrupting the job at hand. In short, every aspect of required safety documentation can be handled more efficiently in Fluix than in most dedicated health and safety management software. We’re flexible and can help you with workflow automation.

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