Construction & Engineering

Attract and retain top employees

Fight the labour shortage by adopting the most advanced technology. Take the leading position in a competitive market to attract highly skilled workforce. They will propel your business forward.

HOAR, AF Gruppen, Century, RGD Group HOAR, AF Gruppen, Century, RGD Group

Meet project deadlines

With Fluix, you will keep projects on schedule despite changes in scope and unforeseen circumstances.

  • Schedule tasks for each team and set up alerts to deliver work on time
  • Streamline communication between site teams and office by automating document flow
  • Sign approvals and change orders on the go and stop wasting time on travel

Lightning fast deploy.
No special skills required.


Collect field data and act on it

Storing all your data in the cloud will not help you until you start acting on it.

  • Collect data from remote operations and analyze trends in performance.
  • Generate aggregated reports in seconds, and gain real-time insights into your operational activities.
  • Find bottlenecks and spot outliers to minimize costs and increase efficiency.
“Fluix Collected Data provided me with the ability to report on virtually any field process. The best part is that it doesn’t create any additional burden for end users, effectively raising their productivity”

Jeff Miller,
IT Manager,
Centuri Construction

Get agile. Roll out a mobile solution in a couple of days

constuction icon workflow

Fluix gives you the flexibility to automate workflows of any complexity involving multiple teams.

constuction icon storages

Integrations with the most popular cloud storage services and Fluix’s own built-in repository makes document storage easy.

constuction icon easy

With an intuitive interface, Fluix doesn’t require extensive on-boarding and training. Frontline workers can start conducting inspections as soon as they log in to the app.