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Easier to Use and Setup
Fluix is so lightweight, that you’ll be proficient in using every feature in no time at all. We’re eager to simplify the way you learn Fluix – we know how valuable your time is.
Collaboration – Simplified
Share project data between the field and office in seconds, not days. We reinvented how teams collaborate together, because we know that every minute counts.
Less Rework Needed
Let’s face it – on any construction project there’s always something to change or fix. We want to help you to minimize rework where possible. Our mobile forms allow your team to gather accurate data, draw and mark-up sketches, add images, and scan barcodes – impactful steps for delivering a project on-time.
Work Offline
Construction drives us to the edge of the world. Even in the middle of nowhere, you can use Fluix offline. Document viewing allows field teams to work wherever they are – automatically syncing offline changes with the whole project once connected to the Internet.
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General Contractors
Fluix gives you peace-of-mind in knowing that everyone is looking at the correct version of a document. With easy-to-setup document workflows, you can streamline communication between your project teams and office and mitigate the risk of building from out-of-date plans or specs. Accelerate project delivery with cloud-based construction management software that streamlines approvals. Complete projects on-schedule and on-budget every time!
The needs of the subcontractor differ from those of General Contractors and Owners. That’s why we let you tailor our construction software to cater to those needs. With Fluix, you can improve efficiency and profitability by gaining better visibility into fieldwork. You can also minimize the impact of delays and re-work by coordinating tasks with other teams based on schedule. Even better, you can manage the job site on your phone!
Architects & Engineers
Fluix provides you with the ability to share real-time information – like documents and drawings – with various parties without having to wait for them to be printed and distributed. Mark-up, review, approve, comment, and annotate plans and blueprints anywhere – even without the Internet. Eliminate the uncertainty over whether everyone is looking at the latest versions of plans.
Control your construction projects the way you want, with visibility into the entire project lifecycle, from project kickoff to closeout due to project tracking feature. Save time with automatic status updates and reports. Have a historical record for future maintenance and compliance purposes. Access data collected from remote operations and compare current and historical performance to identify bottlenecks and understand the financial impact of changes.
Join the leading companies that already use fluix
“With automated workflows for remote teams, our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality and consistency has risen dramatically.”
Lachlan Jamieson, Project Manager
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“Fluix Collected Data provided me with the ability to report on virtually any field process. The best part is that it doesn’t create any additional burden for end users, effectively raising their productivity”
Jeff Miller, IT Manager
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“We use Fluix to create audit checklists and safety documents because it allows us to do immediate sign-offs onsite.”
Leanne Lawrence, Administration Manager
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“Fluix is the best tool for distributing, tracking, and collecting construction documentation. It is a perfect fit for custom mobile forms that are essential to our business.”
Rick Snyder, Senior Commissioning Agent
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“We are proud to have Fluix as a partner, it allowed us to automate our mobile processes without the need to write apps ourselves.”
Timo Göbel, Head of IT Department
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Communication & Collaboration Between Office and Field Teams
Is the office team always out-of-the-loop about what happens on the site? Is the site team unaware of what has happened in the office? We are here for you: Easy-to-setup workflows enable field and office teams to exchange documents and collaborate on them in real-time with notifications about the work status.
Contractors require a special approach to document management? Say “Goodbye” to miscommunications, rework, and project delays with a better flow of information between different contractors.
Drawings & Annotations
on the go
Our construction software allows you to redline drawings, attach progress photos, and add notes and comments so your team can easily see every bit of information and all of the changes made to the file. Speed up managers’ and supervisors’ pre-construction review and approval with an automated workflow. Make daily reports easier to submit with photos and audio.
Get superior documentation control and management with simple navigation, search, and unified document naming across all projects. Ensure the right people have access to the right information by setting up permissions.
All your project documentation in one place, available anytime. No more driving to the office to get the right blueprint or plan, no more accidentally leaving drawings in the car or misplacing them (sometimes in another country!). Now everything is available at your fingertips.
Detailed reports from the field for faster decision making
Collect data from remote operations and compare performance across sites to spot bottlenecks, risks and improve productivity.
Generate professional reports for all levels of management with updates on RFI, submittals, change orders, quality and safety checklists, even timesheets or COVID-19 checks, in seconds.

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Voice of industry
“Our clients love the neat reports and our safety and quality programs run like a dream because of Fluix.”
Leanne L.,
Administration Manager
“The workflows I have created have saved countless hours of emails, phone calls, and file management.”
Johnny C.,
Assistant Project Manager
“Our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality & consiste-ncy has risen dramatically”
Lachlan J.,
Project Manager
“It’s very user friendly and also integrates with Zapier so we can track data easily.”
Ashley M.,
System Manager
“Great product! I love having access to documents in progress from different users.”
Leanne L.,
Administration Manager
G2 medals
Manage Risk, Safety and Efficiency Anywhere
Fluix is a construction workflow and document management software solution that streamlines operations between your field team, customers, and office.
All types of construction PDF reports (risk assessment reports, construction daily progress reports, building safety reports, handover, and construction closeout reports) can be digitized, automated, and tracked easily with Fluix. You can share work progress, punch lists, or site observations with anyone no matter if they are Fluix users or not, improving communication in construction teams.
Simplify the process with our intuitive construction technology to streamline the creation and management of construction submittals and RFIs. As we place a specific emphasis on review, approval, and decision-making tasks and customization, it is much easier to manage submittals and RFI processes with Fluix than in the majority of other construction management software solutions.
Safety is a constant concern on your construction site, not something that you only think about once a week. Completing a pre-loaded construction site safety checklist on-site from your iPads and iPhones can help avoid safety blind spots and risky situations. Choosing Fluix as your quality and safety inspection software will help you to comply with quality standards and regulations, and minimize the risk of hazards on the construction site.
Going digital and paperless by adopting PDF documents has never been easier. With Fluix, you can convert time sheets and contracts into interactive digital forms, view and annotate PDF documents, automate document workflows, eliminate manual document delivery, and streamline approval processes using mobile construction management software that solves for the needs of builders and contractors. Fluix delivers smart digital workflow and document management processes that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance.
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