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for wind farm installation, servicing, and much more.

Created to support your team in their daily work and drive your sustainable energy projects.

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Features Tailored to the Renewable Energy Industry

Mobile Forms & Digital Field Reporting

Improve the overall quality and efficiency of wind turbine inspections with a fully digital inspection process in Fluix.

  • Empower your remote field crew with a mobile form completion app
  • Receive instant notification of any issues noted during inspections
  • Monitor team performance and track entire document journeys
  • File reports based on accurate data gathered in the field
  • Analyze trends & get actionable insights
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  • QR & Barcode Scan
  • eSignature
  • Offline Access
  • Photo Capture
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Annotations
Document Workflows

Fluix’s powerful workflows allow you to map business processes of any complexity and scale, transforming them into an automated transparent document flow that runs across the organization. To ensure secure document routing, Fluix software provides cloud storage, and can be easily connected to a CRM, ERP, storage provider, data visualisation software like Power BI, or pretty much any other tool of your choice.

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  • Customizable Workflows
  • Integrations
  • Cloud Storage
  • Unified Document Naming
  • Access Control
Task Automation

Creating and automating routine tasks has never been easier! With Fluix Taskstreams, you can add recurring tasks to inspections or audits, assign them to a team member, and track centrally by status or due date. Scheduled reminders can help to ensure the job is done on time.

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  • Task Workflows
  • Form Library
  • Reminders
  • Conditional Logic
  • Integrations
  • Dashboard
  • Form Builder
Field-to-Office Collaboration

Step away from emails and shared folders with third parties. No matter how many teams are involved in the process, including companies outside your organization, you can craft a clear automated workflow where everyone knows who is doing what at any given time, and provide each party with granular access to documentation and configurations.

On top of that, you can monitor team performance by tracking progress and getting real-time data from the field.

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  • Approval Management
  • Comments
  • Roles
  • File Sharing Control
  • Event Log
  • Audit Trail
  • Dashboard
Automated Reports = Advanced Analytics

Aggregated and standardized data gathered from remote field operations can reduce reporting time by up to 70%. Fluix’s flawless integration with business intelligence tools opens unlimited possibilities for data gathering and analysis:

  • Conduct real-time wind turbine status checks
  • Immediately identify, log and repair issues without costly delays
  • Discover ideal preventive maintenance timelines
  • Compare multiple sites in the field
  • Create and securely store reports to ensure compliance with regulations (e.g. OSHA)
  • Identify trends to optimize efficiency
  • Reveal hidden bottlenecks, defects and missing information
  • Track usage and reserve stock levels of all tools and components
  • Aggregate all forms for easier resource planning
  • Data Aggregation & Export
  • Filtered Reports
  • Conditional Notifications
  • Integration with DI Tools

Green Energy Software is Cost-Effective


reduced inspection time


man hours saved per year on inspections


faster preventive maintenance


days saved per year on safety reports

Use Cases

Field Inspection Management

With thousands of technicians working on onshore and offshore wind farms, Fluix ensures constant access to recurring tasks and fillable forms and manuals on mobile devices at any point in time – even offline. Automated workflows can help to ensure that inspections pass the supervisors’ review and final approval stages, fast!

As a result, wind farm inspection time can decrease by as much as 43%, which also means a reduction in associated project costs. With the power of centralized field data, your office crew will be able to instantly create reports and analyze field processes, as well as monitoring the condition of assets and making data-driven decisions.

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Process Management

Plan each of your processes in granular detail and easily modify it at any stage. Send critical plan amendments, updates and reports to subcontractors and supervisors in real-time.

Have a detailed overview of document status, workforce, and equipment performance in a visual dashboard that can be shared instantly with project managers or external stakeholders.

Wind Farm Asset Management

No need to spend an extra day in the office completing reports – now they’re almost completely done, right after leaving the wind turbine! Reliable data allows you to monitor wind farm assets’ performance trends and avoid unnecessary checks.

Automated tasks and work order workflows reduce downtime and can help to extend the lifecycle of each asset.

Turbine Safety Management

Make sure turbine safety checks are performed thoroughly, yet efficiently. The Fluix app allows your team to reduce time spent on filling out safety inspection checklists by 69%!, while also preserving quality and compliance.

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Employee Training Management

Train, upskill, evaluate and approve technicians on multiple projects – faster and smarter! You can count on Fluix to deliver securely updated real-time data, customized digital logbooks, checklists, evaluations, and fast e-signature approvals.

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Didn’t find your use case?

1. Tell us about your business and the problems you want to solve.
2. We will give you a clear answer as to whether or not we can help.

Fluix Renewable Energy Software
for Professionals


You have probably heard about Fluix from folks over at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Fluix helps their field teams by speeding up inspections, reporting, safety and quality checks, asset control processes, onsite training, and much more.

  • Be informed of new tasks and get a clear picture of the whole workflow you participate in
  • Take all necessary manuals and forms on-site on an iPad or iPhone
  • Complete and send mobile checklists for submission on-the-go, even offline

Focus on your daily tasks instead of wasting time on paperwork.

Site Leads

By automating workflows on the jobsite, the Fluix app ensures that no-one misses the next step, or accidentally overlooks an important update. This saves Site Leads a tonne of time when they’re busy supervising and coordinating on-site processes.

  • Review and provide instant approvals, right from site
  • See real-time status of tasks that technicians and subcontractors are working on
  • File reports based on trusted data

Optimize site performance to keep the entire team happy!

Project Managers

We can help you to stay on top of project progress, and you’ll have peace-of-mind with easy-to-setup document workflows that will streamline collaboration between your project teams and the office, as well as mitigating the risk of late failure detection or incorrect/out-dated documents being used.

You’ll enjoy accelerated project delivery thanks to our cloud-based software that streamlines reviews and approvals, so you can complete projects and service operations on-schedule and on-budget .

Asset Managers & Performance Analysts

Fluix’s advanced reporting capabilities help to improve information transparency, as well as inspiring confidence in data through the accuracy and reliability of the insights that can be shared.

  • Provide visibility on the performance of sites and condition of assets
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by generating professional HSE, service, and daily status reports for all levels of management and customers
  • Instantly share updates on quality and safety, faults, work-in-progress status and even COVID-19 checks
  • Suggest immediate operational changes to site managers and ensure projects stay on-schedule

Extract knowledge from collected field data to make your work more efficient, and monetize it by delivering projects faster and avoiding costly delays.

EHS Managers

Fluix as a safety management software solution provides EHS managers with all of the tools they need to lead any environmental health and safety programs in their organisation.

  • Mobile safety inspections
  • Incident reporting
  • Toolbox talks
  • Online employee safety trainings

And other aspects of EHS management are covered by Fluix, to ensure employees’ safety and keep daily operations compliant with safety procedures.


Fluix is widely used as an all-in-one platform for customers and Subcontractors. The benefits are obvious:

  • One place for collaboration and document workflows of all parties within a project
  • Capturing field data throughout the course of a project
  • Ability to add subcontractors (outside of company’s internal systems and with different emails) to the document management platform and share project-related paperwork with them
  • Sharing only relevant documentation based on granular permissions and workflow roles
  • Distributing manuals, instructions and any needed project documentation within one product without the need for extra permissions from the company’s IT infrastructure
  • Access and submit of any documents in the field, even while offline
  • Tracking projects and communicating issues in real-time
  • Automated reporting on work completed

Is your role not on the list?

Fluix covers all of the needs of both field and office teams – from form digitization, to big data analysis. If you haven’t found your use case or role, tell us about it, and we’ll try to find a solution.

Need help in convincing your boss?

We know it is hard to convince others to try and adopt something new, especially when it’s a renewable energy solution that will affect thousands of people. That is why we created Battle Cards – to help you, our future Fluix Champion, to win that fight on every front.

Download your Battle Cards to get all of the details you’ll need about Fluix, including a list of our case studies with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Ziton, and more.

Industry Leaders Explain Why They Choose Fluix
as Their Renewable Energy Software
“With Fluix we were able to analyze trends in individual turbine performance to prevent additional service visits and provide substantial cost savings for us.”
Kathryn Ridsdale, Smart Mobile Engineer
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“With automated workflows for remote teams, our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality and consistency has risen dramatically.”
Lachlan Jamieson, Project Manager
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“We often had issues with mistakes and inconsistencies in paperwork – that’s non-existent in Fluix.”
Anders Thorvald Nielsen, Head of Operations
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“Fluix allowed us to reduce the training time and made it easier for technicians to upskill on multiple projects.”
Susanne Svenningsen, Training Program Manager
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“With Fluix, we decreased wind farm inspection time by 43%, that enabled us to cut project costs”
Paul Wilson, Project Manager
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A renewable asset management software to spearhead a green energy transition.


Is it possible for wind farms to automate their workflows?

Yes, absolutely. Fluix lets you create a predictive maintenance workflow, which helps to detect the failure of wind turbine components beforehand. And this, in turn, leads to reduced wind turbine inspection costs, minimizing downtime, and optimizing energy production.

What documentation can be included in workflows?

Any kind of documentation you need, from wind turbine inspection checklists to billing invoices. With Fluix you can logically plan the entire process from start to finish, and control access to the documentation by seeing who is doing what. For instance, your team gets the information about the failure. Then, they need to open Fluix, select the workflow you created for such cases, and complete the wind turbine maintenance checklist by following steps such as ordering a maintenance team for a visit, checking for parts in stock, ordering any parts that are missing, etc.

Can Fluix improve the efficiency of green energy asset management?

Yes. Fluix centralizes all the financial, commercial, and administrative documentation required for the entire asset lifecycle. It literally gives everyone on a team a complete overview of all assets at all times.

Will Fluix help with real-time reporting?

Yes, this is actually one of the benefits of digital transformation in the renewable energy industry. Fluix completely replaces all paper-based processes. Your back office gets documents from the field team as soon as it is, which reduces the risk of data and document loss. Even in case the internet connection is poor, any action performed in the application is updated when the network is healthy.

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