Leading Software for Renewable Industry

Fluix is a solution that helps companies digitize and automate their site-to-office document workflows, deliver projects on-time and on-budget, and provide high-quality data to their customers.

Fluix for Renewable Industry

Why Leading Energy Companies Choose Fluix

Fluix is used in both onshore and offshore, by teams in Installations, Commissioning, and Services, for Operation & Maintenance (O&M), Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE), Asset management and Quality Inspections, and even Training. The common thing is the value they get by utilizing Fluix.

The benefits as articulated by our customers:

  • Saved time
  • Reduced costs
  • Consistency throughout the team
  • High quality data output in real time
World-renowned energy companies relying on Fluix
Energy companies Energy companies

Mobile Checklists

Empower your technicians with a top-notch, intuitive mobile solution. Field workforce will access the information they need at any time, capture the accurate data on the go, and submit it as per predefined workflow rules.
Improve the quality and cut costs on paperwork

  • Professional, standardized look of checklists
  • Reduced human error and risk of time waste for rework
  • Ability to work on remote locations without connectivity
  • Intuitive app interface

Wind Farm Inspections

With Fluix automated workflows you will cut the wind turbine inspection costs and deliver projects on time.
Reduce wind farm inspection time by 43%

  • Automated pre-defined document flow
  • Instant site managers’ approvals
  • Tracking site operations in real time
  • Filing reports based on accurate data

Project Documentation

Alleviate the effort of your site management team in completing and collating all site documentation. Save 5 hour per day on data structuring

  • Overview and version control of project documentation at any stage
  • Granular access to documents for different team members
  • Images with timestamps & geolocation
  • Secure platform for structured storing of all digital documents
  • Instant data delivery to your customers

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Data Management & Reporting

High quality data available in real time takes you to the next level of data intelligence.
Reduce reporting time by 50%

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Ability to identify trends to optimize efficiency
  • Reporting for compliance with regulations
  • Comprehensive reporting to your customers
Power BI, Tableau

Digital Training & Deployment

Fluix makes it easy and safe to perform wind turbine technician training, evaluate and approve technicians on multiple projects.
Upskill your team faster

  • Reduced technician training time and deployment costs with corporate training software
  • Updated, secured data in real-time using customized digital logbooks and checklists
  • Accelerated approval and verification with e-Signatures
“Fluix is a Gold Standard. It’s tremendously easy to manage your workflows and documents in an efficient way.”
Brian Carlton,Data Analyst & Administrator at SGRE USA
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“I could finish technical inspection reports for 8 wind farms in 1 day. With our old working methods this would have taken 3 weeks. That’s what I call streamline!”
Adrian Holmgren,Engineer Technical Support at Eolus Wind Power Management AB
“We often had issues with mistakes and inconsistencies in paperwork – that’s non-existent in Fluix.”
Anders Thorvald Nielsen,Head of Operations at Ziton
“Fluix offers a very simple to use platform which all team members can quickly embrace.”
Paul Wilson,Site Manager at CPP
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“With automated workflows for remote teams, our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality and consistency has risen dramatically.”
Lachlan Jamieson,Project Manager at NKT
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“The main advantage of Fluix is that it saves us a lot of time with its guided workflows, automation, and great flexibility. It is especially helpful for our field team that works on mobile devices.”
Continuous Improvement Manager at RWE Renewables