Digital Document and Task workflows
for wind farm installation, planning, commissioning, servicing and much more.

Created to make the lives of office and field teams easier, On-shore & off-shore.

Right on the pulse of industry trends.
Driven by industry needs.

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Easier to Use and Setup

Fluix is so intuitive and lightweight, that you’ll be proficient in using all features in no time. We’re eager to simplify the way you learn Fluix – we know how valuable your time is. Whether you’re a one-person army or you have an entire IT dept to help you, Fluix’s no-code environment is suitable for both high and low-tech companies.

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Work Offline

Wind farm installations and maintenance can sometimes bring you off-the-grid. Even in the middle of nowhere, you can use Fluix offline. Document viewing allows field teams to interact with forms and checklists wherever they are, and predefined workflow rules submit documents automatically once connection is restored.

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Premium service

We value your time, and we know how hard it is to kick-off tech projects with teams who are used to doing things a certain way. Our 5-star, quick-replying customer success and support teams are always there for you – to help with initial setup, onboarding, or training – and with any tech issue you might face.

If you don’t know how to start the digitization, we’ll go through your current processes together, prioritize and mirror them in Fluix.

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Less Rework Needed

Let’s face it – on any renewable energy project, off-shore or on-shore, mistakes in filling out paper forms and checklists are unavoidable. We want to save you time, improve quality and simplify the rework process.

Our mobile forms allow your team to gather accurate data, draw and mark-up sketches, add images, and scan barcodes – impactful steps for delivering a project on-time.

Join the leading companies that already use fluix
“With Fluix we were able to analyze trends in individual turbine performance to prevent additional service visits and provide substantial cost savings for us.”
Kathryn Ridsdale, Smart Mobile Engineer
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“With automated workflows for remote teams, our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality and consistency has risen dramatically.”
Lachlan Jamieson, Project Manager
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“We often had issues with mistakes and inconsistencies in paperwork – that’s non-existent in Fluix.”
Anders Thorvald Nielsen, Head of Operations
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“Fluix allowed us to reduce the training time and made it easier for technicians to upskill on multiple projects.”
Susanne Svenningsen, Training Program Manager
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“With Fluix, we decreased wind farm inspection time by 43%, that enabled us to cut project costs”
Paul Wilson, Project Manager
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Document and Task Workflows

Creation and automation of recurring tasks have never been easier. With Fluix you can add tasks to inspections or audits, assign them to a team member and track centrally by status or due date. Scheduled reminders would ensure the job is done on time.

Get superior documentation control and management with simple navigation, search, and unified document naming across all projects. Ensure the right people have access to the right information by setting up permissions.

screen of document status
screen of document status
Training and Deployment

We all know that people in our teams are our strongest competitive advantage. Fluix allows you to train, upskill, evaluate and approve technicians on multiple projects – faster!

You can count on Fluix to deliver securely updated real-time data, customized digital logbooks, checklists, evaluations, and fast e-signature approvals.

Communication and collaboration between office and field teams

Is the office team always out-of-the-loop about what happens on-site? Is the site team unaware of what’s happening in the office? We’re here for you!

Easy-to-setup workflows bring transparency and efficiency to documentation and collaboration, eliminating the headaches of “what’s next”.

Suppliers require a specific approach? Wave “goodbye” to rework and unscheduled downtime of wind turbines due to miscommunication, and say “hello” to a streamlined flow of information between all parties.

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Not convinced if this is exactly the solution your team needs?

Let us help you to introduce your team (and boss) to the power of Fluix!

We know it is hard to convince others to try and adopt something new, especially in the renewable energy industry. That is why we created Battle Cards – to help you, our future Fluix Champion, to win that fight on every front.

Download your Battle Cards to get all of the details you’ll need about Fluix, including a list of our case studies with famous wind energy companies like Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Vestas, and more. No “Marketing bullshit”, we promise!

Detailed reports from the field for faster decision making

Effortlessly gather reliable clean data from remote operations and compare performance across sites to ensure projects stay on-schedule. Suggest immediate operational changes to site managers in-real time, if required.

Ensure regulatory compliance by generating professional HSE, service, and daily status reports for all levels of management and customers. Instantly share updates on quality and safety, faults, work-in-progress status and even COVID-19 checks.

Cost-Efficient Planning

Plan your project in granular detail and easily modify it at any stage. Send critical plan amendments, updates and reports to subcontractors and supervisors in real-time.

Have a detailed overview of document status, workforce, and equipment performance in a visual dashboard that can be shared instantly with project managers or external stakeholders.

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Inspections and Process Control: reduced inspection time, increased data accuracy & consistency

Improve the overall quality and efficiency of wind turbine inspections with a fully digital inspection process.

Within Fluix you can:

  • Build checklists
  • Conduct Inspections
  • File reports
  • Receive instant site managers’ reviews and approvals
  • Security upload documents to a server
A few recent numbers
documents processed with Fluix
man hours saved per year on inspections
Up to
faster preventive maintenance
Up to
days saved per year on safety reports

You spearhead the transition towards a sustainable world.
We help you modernize your operations.

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Field Crew

Most of you have already heard about Fluix from folks over at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. On the edge of the world, in the nacelle, inspecting vital turbine components – there is always a Field Crew ready to keep rotor blades moving. Fluix helps windtech field teams by speeding up the processes of onsite training, inspections, distribution of work instructions and service manuals, filling in checklists on an iPad and submitting them to the office, and much more.

Admins can assign regular tasks to team members, providing them with detailed job descriptions and attached forms and manuals so they can perform their jobs with ease. Our automated workflows are designed to provide an accurate overview of the real-time status of all tasks, to make sure that no-one misses the next step or accidentally overlooks an important update.

screen of document status
screen of document status
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Office Crew

Sometimes the work of the Office Crew members is not visible, though we at Fluix know that office-based managers help the whole company to thrive! We can help you stay on top of task progress, and you’ll have peace-of-mind with easy-to-setup document workflows that will streamline communication between your project teams and the office, as well as mitigating the risk of late failure detection or incorrect out-dated documents being used.

You’ll enjoy accelerated project delivery thanks to our cloud-based software that streamlines approvals so you can complete projects and service operations on-schedule and on-budget – every time! Looking to boost up your company, teams’ performance, or your career? Become your company’s Fluix Champion!

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Voice of industry
“Our clients love the neat reports and our safety and quality programs run like a dream because of Fluix.”
Leanne L.,
Administration Manager
“The workflows I have created have saved countless hours of emails, phone calls, and file management.”
Johnny C.,
Assistant Project Manager
“Our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality & consiste-ncy has risen dramatically”
Lachlan J.,
Project Manager
“It’s very user friendly and also integrates with Zapier so we can track data easily.”
Ashley M.,
System Manager
“Great product! I love having access to documents in progress from different users.”
Leanne L.,
Administration Manager
G2 medals


Is it possible for wind farms to automate their workflows?

Yes, absolutely. Fluix lets you create a predictive maintenance workflow, which helps to detect the failure of wind turbine components beforehand. And this, in turn, leads to reduced wind turbine inspection costs, minimizing downtime, and optimizing energy production.

What documentation can be included in workflows?

Any kind of documentation you need, from wind turbine inspection checklists to billing invoices. With Fluix you can logically plan the entire process from start to finish, and control access to the documentation by seeing who is doing what. For instance, your team gets the information about the failure. Then, they need to open Fluix, select the workflow you created for such cases, and complete the wind turbine maintenance checklist by following steps such as ordering a maintenance team for a visit, checking for parts in stock, ordering any parts that are missing, etc.

Can Fluix improve the efficiency of green energy asset management?

Yes. Fluix centralizes all the financial, commercial, and administrative documentation required for the entire asset lifecycle. It literally gives everyone on a team a complete overview of all assets at all times.

Will Fluix help with real-time reporting?

Yes, this is actually one of the benefits of digital transformation in the renewable energy industry. Fluix completely replaces all paper-based processes. Your back office gets documents from the field team as soon as it is, which reduces the risk of data and document loss. Even in case the internet connection is poor, any action performed in the application is updated when the network is healthy.

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