Bring Transparency to Approval Process Workflows

Set up a clear review and approval process where each team member knows who is doing what. Get a consistent and predictable result without constant administration effort.

Reduce approval cycle

Automate the repetitive flow of document routing and approvals across the whole company and speed up the approval cycle from weeks to hours.

  • Review and approve inspection forms from the field worker who is miles away
  • Get customer edits in a contract and capture eSignatures remotely, saving time on customer visits
  • Supervise the approval process in real time and make adjustments on the fly

All-in-one solution for business of any scale

One-stop solution

Fluix is a platform where your company, contractors and clients can collaborate with no need in any additional software, server upgrades, or hosting.

Quick transition

Fluix does not require a complicated and lengthy setup, so the transition for your company will be quick and smooth.

Ease of use

No special technical skills or training required – your personnel will be ready to use Fluix from day one.


Fluix integrates with any software of your choice, let it be a cloud storage, ERP, CRM or any other tool.

“Fluix has been a fantastic partner of ours, because they’ve helped us grow and scale.”

Eliminate paper costs with digital approval processes

Switching from paper to electronic document approval process will allow you to reinvest the saved funds back into your business:

  • Replace reams of unorganized paperwork with systemized digital document flow
  • Lower costs on paper, printing, scanning and maintenance
  • Avoid approval process bottlenecks by ensuring the right person makes decisions at the right time

Assign all your paperwork to
Fluix approval management software