Audit & Compliance Management

Streamline your compliance management system by replacing error-prone paperwork and manual audit processes with digital documents and automated workflows. Make regulatory forms accessible at auditor’s fingertips on a moment’s notice.

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Simplify your audit process flows with automation

Internal and external audits are no longer a tedious process for your team, Instead of searching through reams of paperwork and heavy binders, use automated document workflows to save time and frustration on audit preparation.

All documents are easily accessible in Fluix at auditors fingertips – from risk assessments, employee verifications and training certifications, to inspections and other safety documents.
Any unnecessary steps in your audit process can quickly be identified, changed, and updated in your workflow, to accommodate any unexpected issues that may occur.
Easily and quickly fill-out, sign, approve, upload, organize files and distribute documents to your team.
The ability to make instant changes to digital documents in Fluix while onsite is a critical benefit to office and field teams.
“”The ability to make real-time changes to documents and take immediate action is critically important. Fluix has saved us hours each day, spent on our audit and compliance process; which we have reinvested back into core job tasks and training opportunities for our teams.””
Dyna crane

Leanne Lawrence,
Administration Manager
Dyna Crane Services

Control access to secured documents

Your company policies and procedures are designed in accordance with laws and regulations, based upon country and state. That’s why you need a flexible solution that helps reduce the risks, penalties and fines for noncompliance.

With Fluix, you can organize, manage, and access password-protected PDFs on our centralized cloud storage or your preferred storage solution. We also provide access control by individuals, job roles, and teams to guarantee all documents are secure and your company is compliant.

Access Control

Store, organize, manage, and access documents in secure, centralized place (e.g. password protected PDFs, GDPR compliant).

Secure Cloud Storage

Fluix cloud-based storage and easy integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, WebDAV, ShareFile, FTP, SFTP, Office 365.

Compliance Adherence

Streamline processes and monitoring for HIPAA, OSHA, OH&S and NECB.

Real-time visibility with audit trails

Fluix’s provides a secure, consistent, and auditable workflow for any compliance management system. Get real-time visibility on all documents and complete modification history. Audit trails enable you to see what actions were taken, at what time, and by whom. You can also download the latest versions of documents and get a copy of a specific completed workflow step to help you manage your audit process.

“Fluix provides a really transparent view for auditors – both internal and external. We can also follow-up with people who are delayed in getting things signed-off.”
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Patrick Cote,
Safety Officer & Training Pilot
Panorama Helicopters

Reduce the risk of human error

There is no margin for error when it comes to being in compliance, especially in heavily regulated industries where safety is paramount. That’s why so many companies use audit management software. Losing important data due to manual errors on handwritten documents is unacceptable.
Relying on paper also means running the risk of documents being lost, especially when working onsite or traveling to and from several locations each day. Unlike paper files, digital documents stay safe in the cloud, don’t get lost or damaged, and can be easily tracked. Fluix document workflow automation reduces the risk of human errors and ensures consistency, security and compliance by eliminating these mistakes.

Better prepare for internal audits

If your company does not have an internal audit software, you can still perform internal audits to ensure compliance with required policies and laws, and that every department is working as securely and efficiently as possible. Whether your employees or management team are reviewing regulatory documents or trying to improve business operations to mitigate risk more effectively, Fluix is there to help.

14-day trial
Lightning-fast deployment
No credit card required