Fluix for training

Make employee training smart and effective

Fluix is a training management software that allows you to facilitate, manage, and monitor the training process your way.

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One employee training solution that meets everyone’s needs
Fluix not only completely replaces printed books, but also it’s all-versatile.
For instructors, Fluix provides an exponential degree of flexibility. Instead of planning weeks ahead of time, thinking of what materials will go to print, they can push documents out in seconds.
For students, Fluix provides a fully digital coursebook, with the ability to annotate it during the training and refer to it afterwards.
picture with document activity screen from fluix picture with document activity screen from fluix
Powerful for course instructors
  • Simple yet custom workflows Cover the exact training process you have, and ensure it takes place in the most efficient way.
  • Automated scoring Automatically calculate scores for each student while testing and easily generate reports about students and their grades.
  • Training visibility Replace spreadsheets with customizable reports to track the training log, and ensure you’re right on schedule.
  • Documents and access management Centrally manage the document flow and control file versions, provide granular access to the company storage and in the app.
  • Classroom on-the-go Easy to load and simply to share training manuals with students both before the start of the course or while you’re teaching. When needed, make changes on the fly right in a classroom with no need to print worksheets beforehand.
Here’s how your student training workflow may look like:
  1. Distribute training content to employees
  2. Monitor training process and send alerts if the training is not on schedule
  3. Collect and check data when training is completed
  4. Send training verification form on passed training
Flexible for employees in work
picture with document activity screen from fluix
  • Digital, searchable, accessible All manuals and workbooks are available in color right in the mobile app, so employees can access them anytime and from anywhere, even offline.
  • Pass & go on the fly Students can call up and fill in exam forms and submit them to the instructors, mark up course books and save their copy for reference.
  • Onsite and online employee training Employees can use the Fluix app on iOS devices and web applications both in a classroom during onsite training or during virtual classes.
  • Faster verification process with e-signatures Admit your students to the course by e-signing Vocational Training Agreement and let them sign off right as the course is finished.
picture with document activity screen from fluix
Fluix covers a variety of other features for employees:
  • File sharing control and single sign-on
  • Retention policy
  • Overdue task control
  • Cloud storage
  • Granular access based on role
  • Automatic file naming
A complete all-in-one solution
Choose the system that will help you manage all employee training requirements
Training management system to keep your business growth fast
Proper employee training is a key to a highly skilled and motivated team. In return, they will cultivate a culture of quality and safety in your company, and will fuel your business.
  • Compliance with requirements

    Faster training evaluation and approval reduces non-compliance risk, to ensure employee safety and security, even with a remote workforce.

  • Certifications management

    Prepare, sign, and deliver training certificates in a few clicks. By storing certificates digitally in one place, you get control over expiring employee qualifications.

  • Innovative training center

    Everyone hates classrooms. Fluix provides a modern way of training employees on light-weight iPads, with stunning training materials, with remote learning at their own pace.

  • Timeless access to knowledge

    Employees can easily refer to the course materials on the job site, and do a fast search across points they need to do their job correctly.

  • Accelerated approval process

    Automated workflows help you get through employee training checklists faster. By creating a unified process for the document flow, you completely eliminate employee confusion about manual paper processes.

  • Reduced training time and costs

    No waste of time and costs on paper and printing. By having all documentation running in the app, you are free of all manual processing happening around papers.

  • Fast scaling, fast training

    Fluix is your perfect training tracker for uniting departments across the globe. Wherever you are, you can assess how the process is going and check the working status.

Internal and external employee training process that you can adjust
picture with document activity screen from fluix

Fluix is ready for every industry, from industrial engineering to renewables and aviation — and creates a personalized experience for any team, let it be an internal course for company employees, or external training for the customers.

  • Students training courses
  • Employee safety trainings
  • Pilots training & evaluation
  • Technicians training & onboarding
picture with document activity screen from fluix
Here’s how your student training workflow may look like:
  1. Instructor shares Training Materials and Certificate of Attendance with students on iPads
  2. Students annotate and fill out them throughout the course and signs Certificate of Attendance
  3. Returns them to instructor with copy to their personal email address
Digital training management system trusted by world leaders
“Fluix provides an exponential degree of flexibility. The document distribution workflows and exceptional annotation tools are great.”
Matt Kane, Operations Manager
“Fluix allowed us to reduce the training time and made it easier for technicians to upskill on multiple projects.”
Susanne Svenningsen, Training Program Manager
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“Fluix has helped us save time – making the training processes more efficient and reducing the risk of non-compliant pilots.”
Charlie Hampson, A320 First Officer
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A proven solution to keep your team safe and productive
Choose a digital training management system that drives productivity and empowers employees to safely apply their skills.