Aviation & airline document management
to stay safe and compliant

Fluix is an aviation and airline document management system that helps companies reduce operation costs and save man-hours for administration, while freeing time for core tasks.

Alaska, SAS, Titan Airways

Ensure safety and compliance

With Fluix as an aviation safety management system your crew can fly with confidence knowing that they have the latest versions of all their in-flight and aircraft ground paperwork – automatically synced with a company document cloud storage prior to take off. Traceability of digital documents guarantees airline document compliance and peace of mind during the audit.

“What used to take hours now can be accomplished in minutes. For our operation, Fluix is the answer!”

Bob Hoelzen,
FCF Operations Manager
Alaska Airlines

Facilitate scheduled aviation maintenance

Streamline the electronic document flow between your scheduling groups, finance and aviation maintenance teams. As work progresses on the aircraft and various sections of an aircraft maintenance inspection checklist are performed, all parties can track the real-time progress being made towards completion and play their role at the right time.

Analyze large data to save costs

Do you need to know which airplanes report issues most often and why, or perhaps learn how to improve inflight safety, or crew training?

With Fluix you can collect any of the data entered by your team members in any form – and analyze it. Adding smart filters and alerts, you will be always aware of any deviations from your normal operations, and take immediate appropriate actions. Learn More

Other air operations use scenarios include:

  • Flight manuals
  • Trip kits
  • FAA flight plans
  • Fuel usage and purchase plans, etc.

As so much of Aviation involves using standard forms, such as weight & balance calculations, flight plans, safety reports, maintenance checklists, induction forms, etc – Fluix is perfect for all in flight and ground operations and reporting.

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