Contract Management Software

Replace your outdated, manual sales materials with a complete process for distributing contracts, securing e-signatures, and sharing digital price lists and reference materials.

Easy to use and fast to deploy, Fluix is designed to help transform your business from day one

Real-time updates for faster contract turnarounds

Turn contracts into revenue faster with Fluix contract lifecycle management software. Customers easily sign pdf contracts, managers quickly approve for processing, and office teams invoice and securely store for future audit trails. This way your sales teams can focus on closing new deals instead of spending additional time on admin work.

Online contract signing without delay

Sign contracts online without a delay. Sending contracts for online signatures is faster with Fluix than other solution providers. Secure, legally valid digital “e-signatures” for your team’s contracts and agreements with third parties.

Easily fill out, sign, track, manage and store documents for sending to customers or office. Fluix fully integrates with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and other cloud storage solutions.

Leverage contract data to drive revenue

Using paper-based contracts and sales reference materials is time consuming and difficult to extract key customer data for improving your sales process. How can you reduce your company’s sales cycle time and tedious approval process? That’s where Fluix data comes to your rescue, by collecting and exporting your contract data fields — in real-time.

Optimize your sales process by understanding your cycle time based on the number of contracts closed, which sales contracts led to the most negotiations, what customers drove the least amount of revenue to decrease the sales time spent, and much more. Compile the data from form fields on your submitted contracts for faster data entry.

Distribute sales materials for offline access

Gone are the days of emailing massive sales presentations or outdated pricing sheets to customers. Avoid the hassle and server restrictions to distribute sales materials faster. Fluix contract management software streamlines your sales process offline.

Upload new sales materials to your company storage drive and sync to access anytime, anywhere.

Reduce risks caused by human error

Human errors expose your company to potential risks and costly penalties. Fluix contract management software is a simple tool that manages sales contracts to mitigate these risks. We combine paperless contracts with required fields, document access control, and automated workflows – reducing compliance risks and ensuring sales team efficiency.

“We have reduced turnaround time by 2-3 days, which tremendously improved our customer service. Before, we’d sell a project and would be required to wait 24-48 hours to receive the paperwork. Now with Fluix, we are able to get the documents to our office at the same time the client signs them.”
Vince Nardo, President at Reborn Cabinets
“The mobile workforce today is reliant on a ‘bird’s eye view’ control. Fluix delivers this. I would most definitely recommend Fluix to anyone looking for the best tool to manage electronic PDF forms.”
Ignacio Garcia, Information Manager at Roche Farma

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