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The majority of companies want to embrace digital transformation, but let’s face it. Who has a large scale budget required to fully go digital nowadays during these tough economic times?
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Fluix Return On Investment Calculator

We’ve created this ROI calculator, so you can track your current business operations and evaluate the financial impact of process automation.

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Field Costs:

The number of field workers working with documents
Avg. hourly salary of one field worker
Hours spent per day on traveling per field worker

Office Costs:

The number of office managers working with documents
Avg. hourly salary of one office manager
Cost of paper and travel expenses per month
Hours per day to copy data from paper forms into database
Your ROI (Return On Investment)

Time Saved with Fluix:

63 hrs /month

Costs Saved with Fluix:

6260 /month
These companies have gained cost-efficiency. How?

With a lightweight implementation, your company can reduce operational spend and provide an ROI from day one. But don’t take our word for it, check out the time and costs savings our customers have experienced firsthand, by implementing Fluix, the document workflow automation software.

Centuri reduced reporting time by 75% and monetizes its data with Fluix.
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Zurich Switzerland improves agents’ productivity and customer experience with workflow automation.
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Reduce tech training time & deployment costs of over 400+ workers with automated workflows.
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Reborn Cabinets
Increased sales team productivity by 20%. Salespeople are far more efficient and paper costs have been eliminated.
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Reduced the inspection time by 43%, that enabled company to cut the project costs significantly.
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Dyna Crane Services saved 3,000+ labor hours and nearly $300,000, annually.
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A few recent numbers
Up to
increase in sales productivity after digitalization
company savings per year after implementing Fluix
Up to
time saved per year with automated reporting
Up to
time reduction on each Quality Assurance Inspection
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