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Field Data Capture & Reporting Software

With the ever-growing complexity of field operations, demand for mobile data collection has been increasing over the past decade. However, many companies across different industries still use paper forms to tackle this specific task, which creates poor data maintenance culture, gaps between internal teams, and ultimately lead to “fire-fighting” and various IT issues.

With Fluix Data, you can:

  • avoid manual data retyping on paper forms
  • capture accurate data from digital PDF forms
  • generate aggregated real-time field data for customized reports

With Fluix Data, you can avoid manual data retyping from paper forms, you’ll be able to collect accurate data from digital forms, generate aggregated and customized reports based on real-time data from the field.

Data collection management
and analysis

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Data analytics trends transform your business

Fluix integration with business intelligence leaders, such as Power BI and Tableau, empowers companies to gather analytics, create smart charts and interactive reports, and deliver actionable insights to optimize their business processes.

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Compliance is everything!

The major motivation behind data gathering is compliance. Especially in highly regulated sectors like construction, energy or finance, compliance is often the deciding factor for success or failure.


Tracking OSHA compliance, collecting necessary documentation for a project submission package or reporting on monthly operations is no longer a challenge with Fluix Data. With a digital data footprint and document control management, there’s no worry of missing files or customer friction.

“We are in the process of observing the full scale of benefits that working with our operations data could provide and Fluix Data has already provided a number of great benefits, especially for data sharing between our branches!”
Stanford Federal Credit Union

Ankur Singh,
Quality Assurance Analyst,
Stanford Federal Credit Union

Finding needle in a haystack

Micromanaging every minor detail of operations is an impossible job for a manager, but everybody would love to be aware as soon as something malfunctions. How do you achieve that when you have several sites separated by miles with hundreds of moving parts in each? Use data entry software for your business!

With Fluix Data you will be automatically notified as soon as something is beyond threshold or away from the operating window. You can spot process inefficiencies and compare the number of inspections, defects and issues in the field.

Real-time data gathering uncovers hidden insights

Battling high installation and repair costs?

Fluix Data helps you gain insights about increased efficiencies that could bring substantial cost savings to your business.
Having the ability to analyze both online and offline data collection is a game changer. Now you can measure the performance of each remote site and suggest immediate operational business changes to site-level leaders.

“With Fluix Data we were able to analyze trends in individual turbine performance, which can be used to prevent additional service visits to those turbine providing substantial cost savings for us. Overall, standardization of data reporting is general practice, so spotting something outside of normal as early as possible is very beneficial!”

Kathryn Ridsdale,
Mobile Engineer,
Siemens Gamesa

14-day trial
Lightning-fast deployment
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