Remodeling Management Software

Reduce time-to-money by putting your contracts and work orders on autopilot

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Results you can achieve with the remodeling software

Up to


labor hours per-salesperson, per-day saved



increase in sales team’s productivity

Up to


faster signed contracts reach the office



documents processed

Focus On Closing Your Deals Faster, We’ll Automate The Rest

Win more businesses by digitizing the sales processes

Digital documents increase contract accuracy, require less time to fill out, can be completed out in the field, and you can easily obtain customers’ electronic signatures right at their door or remotely, saving your team valuable time.

Commonly used features:
Integration with cloud storage providers
Doc storage
Workflow automation
Digital sales materials
Photos with geotags

Allow all teams to focus on meaningful work

With Fluix remodeling business software, the back office can:

  • Assign tasks with documents to specific team members
  • Track their progress with live status updates
  • Approve them, and archive

Eliminate the needs for team members to notify one another and follow-up manually. Work orders for the installation team can be passed instantly right when the contract is signed, saving a couple of days.

Commonly used features:
Form Filling
Doc storage
Document annotations
Workflow automation
Doc status reporting
Forms Builder
Increased sales team productivity by 20%. Salespeople are far more efficient and paper costs have been eliminated.
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Stop doubling your work with the remodeling project management software

We can route the documents and data anywhere so you can keep your CRM up to date while also connecting to your billing/invoicing software.

Commonly used features:
Integration with cloud storage providers
Lead Perfection
BI tools
Google Sheets

Make better decisions with real-time sales performance data

Company owners can have real-time visibility on all activity happening with their field team: contracts and work orders signed, rejected, and even in-process. No more calling or texting a sales manager or salesperson to get the latest info. View reports that cover everything right in Fluix, or analyze them in a data analysis software of your choice.

Commonly used features:
Data collection
Power BI
Reports automation
Data extraction
Doc status reporting
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“Fluix has reduced the downtime for our remote sales teams. Before Fluix it took about 48 hours for salesmen to bring documents to the office. Now it happens instantaneously.”
Vince Nardo, Company President
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“Fluix makes all of my rep’s jobs easier. Having used paper contracts in the past, it is very nice to have a streamlined system that we can use with minimal issues.”
Bryan Smith, Sales Manager
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“Fluix is helping us to make the system more standardized and collecting the right data. That is a big help.”
Mark McShurley, Founding partner

Running a remodeling business with pen and paper can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there is a better way.

Sales Crew

Create and edit sales agreements and quotations, collect digital signatures, use the latest versions of quotes, contracts, pricing tables, and before-and-after photos whenever you need them. Impress your customers with sleek technology. Cut down travel, courier and postage costs. You can focus on closing more customers in less time.

Office Crew

Stay on top of service orders and sales contracts with integration to the CRM of your choice – you’ll have peace-of-mind with easy-to-setup document workflows that will streamline communication between different teams. Fluix also makes it easier to onboard installers and distribute contract templates and presentations to the sales team.

Installation Crew

Stay nimble and efficient using a mobile app throughout the day while you capture and upload images and scan floor plans and materials with your mobile device. With automated service notifications and easy management of appointment details, you can focus on what you do best, while Fluix automates the rest.

Reduce Time-to-money By Putting Your Contracts And Work Orders On Autopilot

See how Fluix can work for you.