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Fluix SeaTable Integration | Automated data collection & reporting

This article would be useful for those who need to automate the flow of capturing data in forms by remote teams and its aggregation and analysis in an efficient way.

Let’s see how the integration of Fluix and SeaTable systems helps to automate the process.

What integration does

The integration of Fluix and SeaTable systems automates both the process of collecting information in digital forms on mobile and then its aggregation and structuring for further analysis and data-driven actions.

Fluix is a web and mobile-based cloud platform that helps teams with setting up digital document management and workflow automation. In this integration, Fluix serves as an electronic data capture system.

SeaTable is an online database software for managing data in a spreadsheet/database kind of view where you can store and process different types of data captured in Fluix.

Integration between Fluix and SeaTable allows you to create a separate database-like table for each part of your business processes, like accounting, operations, and internal employee management, and seamlessly, not noticeable by the end-user, direct the corresponding field data from the forms completed in Fluix into the required columns in the particular SeaTable database. 

Example of data integration:
The data is entered in the form in the Fluix app:

Once the form is submitted, entered data automatically appears in the SeTable database:

Immediate benefits

This integration can tremendously help you to spot the bottlenecks in your processes as they appear and not waste time on manual data aggregation and processing. Immediate insights gained from interactive data visualization based on different data parameters are the most efficient way to quickly respond to change, prevent unnecessary losses and identify challenges that your team may be facing at the moment. 

Solutions through Industries

Fluix and SeaTable are being utilized as core tools by different teams within multiple industries. 

Pilots from the aviation industry are sending the flight log data entered in Fluix over to the SeaTable database for further analysis. 

Sales reps from the remodeling business are filling in contracts with customer data and requirements in the Fluix app that are automatically populated in the allocated columns in the SeaTable customer database.

Project Managers greatly benefit from this integration since they can set up a workflow where data entries performed by different departments in Fluix can automatically appear in the required fields in the database for further tracking and planning purposes. 

Human Resources use this integration to collect working hours in timesheets with the help of Fluix and then use the SeaTable database for payroll processing. Employee onboarding and offboarding is other use case.

In fact, pretty much any process with collecting data by employees, and then its aggregation and analysis is covered by integrating Fluix and SeaTable.

How to start

The integration doesn’t require special technical skills and months to configure it. Contact the Fluix team and we’ll help you to set up the integration taking into account your project-specific requirements.

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