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From small businesses to large enterprises, companies often face similar challenges when it comes to digital transformation and business process management. They choose Fluix because they value our in-depth expertise, personalized consultancy, and top-grade support.

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“Fluix and its team are something that I’d recommend to both friends and peers if they are looking into taking their business processes to the next level.”
Martin Weber, Senior Business Analyst
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“With automated workflows for remote teams, our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality and consistency has risen dramatically.”
Lachlan Jamieson, Project Manager
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“The operation I manage could not function at the level it does without Fluix. Customer support has been phenomenal. For our operation, Fluix is the answer!”
Bob Hoelzen, FCF Operations Manager
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“Mobile workforce today needs over‐the-air control, and that’s one hot feature of Fluix. I would most definitely recommend Fluix to those looking for best in class eForm, PDF and even document handling for the iPad.”
Ignacio Garcia, Information Manager
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“We are proud to have Fluix as a partner, it allowed us to automate our mobile processes without the need to write apps ourselves.”
Timo Göbel, Head of IT Department
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“The main advantage of Fluix is that it saves us a lot of time with its guided workflows, automation, and great flexibility. It is especially helpful for our field team that works on mobile devices. ”
Continuous Improvement Manager
“Fluix is a Gold Standard. It’s tremen-dously easy to manage your workflows and documents in an efficient way.”
Brian Carlton, Data Analyst & Administrator
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“Fluix has been an incredibly valuable asset we use to streamline digital document processing on a per-project basis.”
Patrick Oster, Data Processing Team Leader
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“Fluix Collected Data provided me with the ability to report on virtually any field process. The best part is that it doesn’t create any additional burden for end users, effectively raising their productivity”
Jeff Miller, IT Manager
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“The savings were not the only value for us, we reduced errors, increased efficiency and can audit if documents were accessed and read prior to important meetings.”
Bjørn Andersen, Councilor of Nome Municipality
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“We use Fluix to create audit checklists and safety documents because it allows us to do immediate sign-offs onsite.”
Leanne Lawrence, Administration Manager
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“We often had issues with mistakes and inconsistencies in paperwork – that’s non-existent in Fluix.”
Anders Thorvald Nielsen, Head of Operations
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“Fluix has helped us save time – making the training processes more efficient and reducing the risk of non-compliant pilots.”
Charlie Hampson, A320 First Officer
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“I already recommend Fluix to other companies. Fluix has truly provided us with the platform we needed to make the transition to paperless in our company.”
Trevor, Service Agent
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“It’s been wonderful we’ve not only improved our processes, but we’ve saved a lot of money on the paper.”
Stacie Tillery, Administrative Service Manager
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“If you’re not considering going paperless as the next big move for your business, know that your competitors are. This is an easy way to stay a step ahead of them.”
Vince Nardo, Company President
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“With Fluix, we decreased wind farm inspection time by 43%, that enabled us to cut project costs”
Paul Wilson, Project Manager
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“Fluix is the best tool for distributing, tracking, and collecting construction documentation. It is a perfect fit for custom mobile forms that are essential to our business.”
Rick Snyder, Senior Commissioning Agent
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