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Safety inspections & checklists

Capture real-time data with an app,
and report hazards and unsafe conditions

Audit & compliance

Ensure adherence to safety standards,
internal protocols, and external regulations

Control over critical communications

Prevent accidents and poor decisions caused by delayed response

Mobile Safety Inspections
for Risk Mitigation

Let your field teams fill out checklists and submit reports directly through the Fluix safety management app

  • Standardize safety practices and put an end to under-reporting and overlooked safety issues
  • Capture what really happened by adding context with location, photos and file attachments
  • Let external users report issues, hazards or near misses via a QR code
Mobile Safety Inspections for Risk Mitigation Learn More

Timely Approvals
for Operational Efficiency

Create transparent and fast approval cycles among safety, operations, compliance and legal teams

  • Create automated workflows and get fast approvals for corrective actions to prevent future issues
  • Assign tasks, send notifications, apply conditional logic and add other custom actions to your workflows
  • Provide transparency into the process, improving visibility and accountability
Timely Approvals for Operational Efficiency Learn More

Unsure about how to approach workflow automation from scratch?

Our team is here to guide you through everything you need to know: creation, customization, security, and ROI potential

Effective Training
for Proactive Safety Culture

Equip your teams with the necessary skills, and properly onboard contractors with the Fluix workplace safety software

  • Send safety talks directly to devices and confirm their delivery with e-signatures
  • Assign learning tasks, track completion, and keep a record of licenses and certifications
  • Properly onboard first-time site visitors using safety checklists and contractor forms
Effective Training for Proactive Safety Culture Learn More

Centralized Audit
for a Compliant Workplace

Monitor safety policies and certifications for ongoing alignment with changing regulatory requirements and policies

  • Maintain an audit trail with details of who and when approved a report, along with any related comments
  • Control user access and permissions to adhere to security regulations and standards
  • Maintain training compliance, ensuring everyone has the knowledge and skills to perform their jobs safely
Centralized Audit for a Compliant Workplace Learn More

Convert Data into
Actionable Insights

Integrate Fluix with your preferred data analysis systems such as PowerBI, Tableau and more.

Get insights into critical safety metrics to make informed decisions, identify patterns, and proactively address potential safety issues.

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