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Berlin Productivity Meetup Q&A: Alberto Dabusti

At the Fluix Productivity Meetup in Berlin, Jen Butler spoke with Alberto Dabusti, Energy...
Jenny Butler
January 22, 2020
how to create construction budget

What to include in a construction project budget?

Before the first shovel hits the dirt, construction project managers must have a full...
January 14, 2020
Top Building and Construction Trade Shows & Events

Top building and construction trade shows & events to attend in 2020

Attending construction events is one of the best ways to promote your company’s services...
Dasha Gaioshko
January 12, 2020
cloud document management

On-premise vs. the cloud for document management

Documentation requirements for energy companies are getting stricter and more complicated every year. But...
January 9, 2020
Document Workflow Automation Software Brings You More Free Time

The best holiday gift for field teams: more free time

Receiving a holiday gift from an employer is a timeless seasonal gesture. Whether it’s a fruitcake...
Jenny Butler
December 19, 2019

10 ways to NOT waste time during the holidays!

#1 – Don’t try to cook a family Holiday dinner by yourself. Even Wolfgang Puck...
December 5, 2019
construction mistakes

3 contractor tips to manage construction mistakes

No contractor wants to make a mistake at a construction site. An inaccurate measurement,...
November 12, 2019
Remote Productivity Meetup

Key takeaways from Fluix’s Field Productivity Meetup

We invited a small group of our customers to join us in Berlin on...
Jenny Butler
November 7, 2019
Fluix turns 5

Fluix turns 5!

Fluix turns 5 on November 5th! In celebration of our 5th Anniversary, let’s travel...
Jenny Butler
November 4, 2019
fluix q3 recap

Third quarter Fluix recap

Ahhh, Autumn! Crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING – these are the very essence...
Jenny Butler
October 8, 2019
training management software for field teams

Training field teams – the power of automation

The days of “learn it the old way first” are gone. Digitization is rapidly...
Jenny Butler
October 1, 2019
Oil & Gas field service software

3 document management quick wins for oil & gas field teams

Documents thrown all over the office? Field teams confused with which documents go where,...
Jenny Butler
July 30, 2019
Reduce solar O&M costs

6 benefits of workflow automation: shining a light for solar energy

By 2022, around 4% of global electricity production will be solar generated. As solar...
Jenny Butler
July 23, 2019

Second quarter Fluix recap

We’re a little over mid-way through 2019, so it’s the perfect time to kick...
Jenny Butler
July 20, 2019
reducing wind turbine O&M costs with automated workflows

How wind energy teams can breeze through o&m workflows

When it comes to wind power, we’re real big fans. But, did you know...
Jenny Butler
July 16, 2019
reducing bottlenecks in processes

Reducing bottlenecks for energy industry teams with 3 productivity power plays

It’s almost quitting time for the day, and even though you’ve done all of...
Jenny Butler
July 9, 2019
software demos

The do’s and don’ts of software demos…and 11 helpful questions to save you time!

Some software demos are just demo-tivating, right? Want to find out some helpful ways...
Jenny Butler
May 20, 2019
data is new bacon

Bringing home the bacon with data visualization

Repeat after us: “Spreadsheets are not data visualizations.” Spreadsheets that try to convey the...
Jenny Butler
May 7, 2019
construction game changers

4 construction game changers for business process transformation

So far, 2020 is all about disrupting industries and thinking “lean”. The common thread...
Jenny Butler
April 25, 2019