Transportation & Railroads

Track all your document operations in one tool

Gain control over all your projects, no matter the scale, from start to finish. Track progress at every stage of the project in real time, provide read-only access to document tracking to your customers and partners to improve visibility. Get immediate reports, GPS data and streamline the flow of inspection forms, logistics management templates, work orders, storage inventory management forms and supply chain operation plans.

Available on iOS mobile devices and any web browser, with Fluix your engineers in the field can access relevant information, submit reports, add and share photos and stay connected with other remote teams and the office.

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Cut costs but stay informed

With Fluix your team is guaranteed to finish projects faster. Transportation and railroads inspections have outgrown paper—stop relying on manual, time-consuming approvals and sign offs. Instead transfer field data to key stakeholders instantly with automated, company-controlled routing, and cut downtime and costs significantly.

Another benefit of going mobile and digital with Fluix is visibility and company-level control. Your project documentation is tracked, versions managed and statuses updated in real time – so no matter where your teams are, everyone stays synchronized and engaged. With time, you’ll get rid of redundant data entry and inefficient business processes altogether.

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“Customer support for Fluix has been phenomenal. For our operation, Fluix is the answer!”

Bob Hoelzen,
FCF Operations Manager
Alaska Airlines

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