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QR Codes and Barcodes in Construction: Use Cases & Benefits

The construction industry faces various challenges. The main issues though are still related to…

Vita Vypovska
December 17, 2021
Why Going Paperless Is an Urgent Business Decision

Years ago, you could casually consider the decision to go paperless within your team…

Brandon Hull
December 10, 2021
Automated Data Filling: How to Fill Out a Mobile Form

Automated form filling can improve performance for many companies that do numerous activities requiring…

Iuliia Nesterenko
December 2, 2021
How to Achieve Zero Defects in Construction

Success in any construction project lays on three pillars: budget, time, and quality of…

Iuliia Nesterenko
November 18, 2021
Document Management in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Digital document management for company business processes is no longer an option but a…

Olga Zakharova
October 22, 2021
Sowing Seeds for a Sustainable Future with Paperless Workflows

As Canada prepares to mark its annual National Forest Week in September, it’s a…

Vita Vypovska
September 20, 2021
4 construction technologies keep socially distant job sites connected

From grocery stores to public transit, social distancing has impacted the way in which…

Dasha Gaioshko
October 9, 2020
Manage health & safety documentation with Fluix

(See the end of this post for free OSHA incident reporting forms and accident/incident…

Brandon Hull
September 25, 2020
What can enterprises do with Fluix workflows?

Fluix is used in a wide range of industries around the world. Account admins…

Brandon Hull
September 3, 2020
Manage your construction daily reports with Fluix

The daily report is a standard in the construction industry. It will never go…

Brandon Hull
August 25, 2020
Managing construction submittals with Fluix

Secure management of construction project submittals is vital.  Submittals include everything from architectural drawings,…

Brandon Hull
August 18, 2020
‘Lightweight’ digital transformation through document workflow automation

Every person in business relies on documents to get work done. You create them,…

Brandon Hull
August 4, 2020
How to get started with team collaboration and working remotely

During these unusual and uncertain times, communities are doing their part to reduce risks…

March 25, 2020
7 ways automation impacts field service today

Automation is expanding its role in industrial and business functions. Gartner predicts 69% of managers’…

February 7, 2020
On-premise vs. the cloud for document management

Documentation requirements for energy companies are getting stricter and more complicated every year. But…

January 9, 2020
The best holiday gift for field teams: more free time

Receiving a holiday gift from an employer is a timeless seasonal gesture. Whether it’s a fruitcake…

Jenny Butler
December 19, 2019