Digital Business Transformation

No more going through folders and copies, uploading and renaming versions, notifying across multiple channels, and losing important documents to human error.

Is paperwork preventing you from scaling?

See what effects of digitalization on business you can achieve with Fluix.

Organized Documents

Manage your forms in one place to represent project information more carefully, avoiding version conflict and project delays.

Automated Workflows

Easily track tasks, comments and reviews, securing project transparency and coordination.

Centralized Data Storage

Create a single digital environment to synchronize processes across all teams.

Advanced Reporting

Capture, analyse and make data actionable for better decisions and digitalisation of business.

Digitization of Business Processes

Streamline document management to improve speed and accuracy of project management.

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Document Approval
  • E-signing
  • Design Review
  • Training Verification
  • Legal Management
  • Project Estimation
  • Hire & Onboarding
  • Quality Control

Want to get started with business process digitalization?

Find out how Fluix can work for you.

How Fluix Is Helping Companies Get Business Benefits of Digital Transformation
“The fact that you can use Fluix offline is an absolute must for us. It means that technicians can work on a boat, from their car, or from the top of a turbine.”
James Bird, Maintenance Engineer
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“Mobile workforce today needs over‐the-air control, and that’s one hot feature of Fluix. I would most definitely recommend Fluix to those looking for best in class eForm, PDF and even document handling for the iPad.”
Ignacio Garcia, Information Manager
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“We often had issues with mistakes and inconsistencies in paperwork – that’s non-existent in Fluix.”
Anders Thorvald Nielsen, Head of Operations
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“If you’re not considering going paperless as the next big move for your business, know that your competitors are. This is an easy way to stay a step ahead of them.”
Vince Nardo, Company President
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