Fluix Success Story

Comfort Systems USA Streamlines Daily Operations Between 107 Field Crews Using Fluix HVAC Service Software

Comfort Systems USA Success Story
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“Fluix makes things smoother, a lot more efficient. It really puts more power in the fields reps hands.”
About Company

Comfort Systems USA provides commercial HVAC, mechanical and electrical contracting to customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The company has 38 operating units in 72 cities and 86 locations nationwide.


Communication gap between field and office teams

Due to the fast-paced company growth, Comfort Systems had numerous miscommunication issues between field and office teams.

  1. Contract delivery to the office was delayed
  2. Paper documents got lost and damaged
  3. Technicians’ handwriting caused miscommunication
  4. Paper costs constantly increased
“Our process before Fluix was paper-based. We were using paper for everything.”

To digitize document management on the company level and streamline communication processes between different teams, Comfort Systems needed a proper automation tool. Having evaluated different commercial HVAC software, the company chose Fluix due its extensive functionality.

  • Digital documents, including HVAC timesheets, can be managed on iPads from anywhere
  • Centralized storage to keep company’s documentation
  • Flexible workflows to automate approval processes and speed up document delivery
  • Password-protected accounts help manage sensitive data

Another advantage of Fluix was that it offered a single platform for all interactions. Users didn’t have to log into several apps or learn to use different systems. With Fluix, they had access to contracts, inspection checklists, construction cards, etc. from desktop or iPad, and could view what’s going on with any of the installation or maintenance orders.

Example of a Workflow Used to Route Work Orders

Paper replaced with digital documents

Being professional air conditioning business software, Fluix offers all the functionality for digital document management and workflow automation. Using it, Comfort Systems digitizes and simplifies management of over 40 documents: expense reports, work orders, employee time off request forms, toolbox talks, safety checklists, employee incident reports, equipment inspection reports, etc.

Having a single storage for electronic copies is also crucial.

“At the click of a button, work orders and other documents are distributed to the correct person and department. Whether it’s an air conditioner service checklist or an HVAC service contract, field workers have access to all documents in Fluix on their iPad.”

Reduced visits to the office

Instead of driving to the office to hand in their timesheets, field workers use Fluix to quickly and easily fill out and submit documents. The company runs around 167 workflows for different business processes, which enables the field team to have more control over their work.

Decreased expenses

Digital documents with electronic signatures help Comfort Systems save costs on paper, printing and office commute.

Accelerated customer billing

Speeding up payroll processing has had a positive effect on cash flow, improving the company’s office operations.

“It’s been wonderful we’ve not only improved our processes, but we’ve saved a lot of money on paper.”
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