Saving Managers from Operational Chaos

Fluix is operations management software that keeps
all your teams, processes and moving parts under control

We Give You Solutions for Secure and Standardized Operations

  • Custom workflows for complex processes

  • Document

  • Safety, quality & compliance


Complex Operations Under Control

  • When teams are dispersed and the business is operating in multiple locations, keeping everyone on task becomes challenging.
  • With Fluix operations management software, you automate the manual processes that are slowing daily operations down, and free up time to complete mission-critical tasks and hit your strategic goals.
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Documents Managed,
Unified and Synced

  • Paper-based processes and reporting cause costly delays, manual errors, and health and safety oversights.
  • With digital documents, you always have the right documents available at the right stage of the process, reducing the risk of issues, and having one source of truth for all your data.
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Safety & Compliance
Always in Focus

  • Fluix gives you the real-time visibility you need to manage and monitor work between field teams and the office, keeping everyone safe and compliant.
  • Identify issues before they impact quality, promptly document safety incidents and facilitate compliance reporting and adherence to regulatory requirements.
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We will help you manage critical site processes
using Fluix operations software

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