Automating Business Processes

Quickly. Easily. Effectively.

Finally, a mobile data collection tool that field teams will both love and use. Fix your inefficient processes – digitize, automate and transform your business with Fluix!


Simple 3-Step Process

Step 1
Digitize Documents
Step 2
Automate Workflows
Step 3
Transform Company
Step 1

Digitize Documents & Forms — Anytime, Anywhere

Web & Mobile App
Get easy access to all digital documents and forms in real-time
Offline mode
Fill out & submit forms without internet connection on site
Annotations & Edits
Mark up documents with highlights and notes
Smart PDF Forms
With pre-filled data, automated calculations, unified file naming, form builder
Scan Barcodes & QR Codes
For inventory management and asset tracking
Automatically track precise physical location of photo attachments
Access Control
Store, organize, manage, and access documents in secure, centralized place (e.g. password protected PDFs, GDPR compliant)
Compliance Adherence
Streamline processes and monitoring for HIPPA, OSHA, OH&S and NECB
Secure Cloud Storage
Fluix cloud-based storage and easy integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Office 365


On Site
Capture electronic signatures instantly from your iPhone or iPad
Via Email
Send a document link to customer email, receive a reviewed and signed copy back in minutes!
Bulk Send
Send documents to multiple recipients, gather signatures in sequential order and receive signed copies
Benefits of Digitizing Documents & Forms
  • Less risk of human error with sensitive customer data loss
  • Simplicity with streamlined process of searching, distributing and storing data collection forms from field-to-office
  • Avoid unnecessary delays with automated document signing process
  • Reduce manual paperwork and heavy binders in the field
  • Ensure country/industry-specific regulations are followed with legally-binding digital signatures
  • Decrease redundancies and process cycle times
Step 2

Automate Custom Workflows — Simple to Complex

Instantly Distribute
the latest versions of documents, order forms, checklists, specifications, and manuals to your teams
Customer File Sharing
Send sales presentations, proposals and contracts in a professional format
Manage Approvals
Receive immediate sign-offs from managers, supervisors and team leads for completed work or trainings
Team Collaboration
Share documents between multiple field and office teams in real time with workflow rules
Security and Control
Provide team members with the access and admin rights depending on their roles in a process
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Simplify user management process and secure the access to the app
Audit Trail
Track team activity and document flow in real time
Benefits of Automating Workflows
  • Ensure secure document sharing and syncing for remote teams
  • Deliver time-sensitive, important updates and authorizations — truly automating business processes for your entire company
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • Guarantee confidentiality and privacy control of sensitive data
  • Eliminate job confusion with unique access for individuals and teams
Step 3

Transform Business — Real-Time Field Data & Insights

Upload Fluix data to your CRM for maintaining updated records. Use business intelligence tools for visualizations (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau)
Field Data Insights
Extract aggregated data from completed forms into spreadsheets for analysis and reporting
Benefits of Real-Time Field Data & Insights
  • Deliver actionable insights helping management avoid analysis paralysis
  • Save labor time/money wasted on manual tasks and inefficient processes
  • Provide visibility into the field by identifying productivity pitfalls, process bottlenecks and potential project delays