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Advanced Workflows TaskStream Team Collaboration Reports Mobile Forms eSignature Offline Access Barcodes & QR codes Annotations Geo-Tagging Cloud Storage Form Builder Integrations Unified File Naming Web & Mobile App Access Control Single Sign-On

Simple 3-Step Process

Step 1

Digitize Documents & Forms — Anytime, Anywhere

  • Web & Mobile App Get easy access to all digital documents and forms in real-time
  • Annotations & Edits Mark up documents with highlights and notes
  • Smart PDF Forms With pre-filled data, automated calculations, unified file naming, form builder & mobile forms
  • Compliance Adherence Streamline processes and monitoring for HIPPA, OSHA, OH&S and NECB
  • Secure Cloud Storage Fluix cloud-based storage and easy integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Office 365
  • Offline Access Fill out & submit forms without internet connection on site
  • Scan Barcodes & QR Codes Secure storage of documents is a must for audits and investigations. Fluix backs up all your templates and documents to the Cloud for easy retrieval. No worries, they are safe for years
  • Geo-Tagging Automatically tracks precise physical location of photo attachments
  • Access Control Store, organize, manage, and access documents in secure, centralized place (e.g. password protected PDFs, GDPR compliant)


  • On Site Capture electronic signatures instantly from your iPhone or iPad
  • Via Email Send a document link to customer email, receive a reviewed and signed copy back in minutes!
  • Bulk Send Send documents to multiple recipients, gather signatures in sequential order and receive signed copies

Benefits of Digitizing Documents & Forms

  • Less risk of human error with sensitive customer data loss
  • Simplicity with streamlined process of searching, distributing and storing data collection forms from field-to-office
  • Decrease redundancies and process cycle times
  • Reduce manual paperwork and heavy binders in the field
  • Ensure country/industry-specific regulations are followed with legally-binding digital signatures
  • Avoid unnecessary delays with automated document signing process
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Step 2

Automate Workflows and Tasks —Simple to Complex

  • Instant File Sharing Share the latest version of any document with customers or field teams
  • Task Automation Automate task assignment, set up deadlines and manage notifications
  • Manage Approvals Receive immediate sign-offs from managers, supervisors and team leads for completed work or trainings
  • Team Collaboration Share documents between multiple field and office teams in real time with workflow rules

Security and Control


Provide team members with the access & admin rights depending on their roles in a process

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify user management process and secure the access to the app

Audit Trail

Track team activity and document flow in real time

Benefits of Automating Workflows

  • Ensure secure document sharing and syncing for remote teams
  • Deliver time-sensitive, important updates and authorizations — truly automating business processes for your entire company
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • Guarantee confidentiality and privacy control of sensitive data
  • Eliminate job confusion with unique access for individuals and teams
Step 3

Transform Business — Real-Time Field Data & Insights

  • Integrations Upload Fluix data to your CRM for maintaining updated records. Use business intelligence tools for visualizations (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau) .
  • Field Data Insights Extract aggregated data from completed forms into spreadsheets for analysis and reporting

Benefits of Real-Time Field Data & Insights

  • Deliver actionable insights helping management avoid analysis paralysis
  • Save labor time/money wasted on manual tasks and inefficient processes
  • Provide visibility into the field by identifying productivity pitfalls, process bottlenecks and potential project delays
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