Simple and Powerful Workflow Automation Software to Optimize Your Processes

Make your field-to-office document processes clear, understandable, and logical. Everything you need to maximize the efficiency of your team and business.

  • Automate manual routine tasks
  • Accelerate mobile data collection
  • Get insights from real-time field data
What does business workflow automation mean?

A workflow is a series of tasks performed by the team to achieve a specific outcome for your business. Fluix automates these tasks by bringing data, teams, and customers together in one place.

One Workflow Solution — Endless Possible Processes

Companies across a wide range of industries and use cases see Fluix as their perfect workflow automation system with robust tools and customized approach.

Our customers utilize Fluix for different use cases:
  • Inspections
  • Document Management
  • Field Service
  • Approval Management
  • Safety & Quality
  • Compliance Audits
  • Asset Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Employee Training
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Fluix covers a variety of forms for professionals:
  • Checklists
  • Work orders
  • Reports
  • Work Instructions
  • Time Cards
  • Contracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotes & Invoices
  • Manuals & Toolbox Talks
  • Training Logbooks & Coursebooks
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How To Automate Workflows Fast And Observe Instant Results

Say goodbye to complicated and heavy tools. Create workflows in a few clicks and start seeing the benefits.

1Map your process on a workflow

Create a process template by designing the path your data takes through the process.

2Streamline routine tasks

Create tasks for team collaboration and track progress on documents routed through workflows.

3Get consistent data and results

Create reports based on accurate data and discover insights for better decisions.

The Productivity Gains You Get With Automated Workflows


reduced inspection time


increase in team productivity


faster signed contracts reach the office


per worker, per-day saved


decreased billing time


reduced reporting time

Make A Step Towards Productivity Through Workflow Automation

Thought-Out Features For Your Flawless Workflows
  • Drag&Drop Process Builder
  • PDF and Web Form Builder
  • Easy Integrations
Process automation
  • Collaboration and approval workflows
  • Task assignment
  • Conditional logic
Efficiency in the field
  • Form filling on mobile devices and web app
  • Digital signatures
  • Access to reference materials
Transparency & Control
  • Activity Dashboard & Reports
  • Granular access
  • Audit Trail
Perfect file structure
  • File versioning
  • Cloud storage
  • File naming convention
  • Single Sign-On
  • Retention policy
  • File sharing control
Why Now Is The Time To Automate Workflows
  • Business processes optimization Human error probability tends to zero. Get a clear view of the process from various angles — Make your business transparent, simple, and unified.
  • Get to another level of efficiency With all the data Fluix provides, you can see the current state of your workflows.
  • Nothing lost The signed documents will be automatically uploaded to your company storage or emailed.
  • Save time Monitoring the progress gets easier and visible to everyone working on a particular project. Tracking capabilities allow you to navigate through project stages faster and more efficiently. There is no need to explain what to do next at each step.
  • Simplicity No-code and intuitive interface yet there is just more out of powerful functionality.
  • Reduce costs Less paper consumption means lower project-related costs. With all documentation being running in the app, you are free of all paper processes.
  • Get to work. Communicate. Collaborate Your team is focused on work, not documentation chore. With customizable forms, you can start and cap off all the different types of business processes.
  • Perfect for remote collaboration Switch on social distancing mode while having all work processes defined and managed in Fluix. There is no risk to the health of you and your employees.
  • ISO security level Fluix provides all the tools for baseline work processes in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 major components. Capture or create new documents, manage ownership and rules for their approval, store and preserve them if needed.
What customers achieve with automated workflows
“We were looking for a solution that addressed all three of our outlined areas — document library, eSignature, and automated workflows. This gave Fluix a big advantage over other promoted solutions that only offered either of these options.”
Martin Weber, Senior Business Analyst
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“With automated workflows for remote teams, our quality documentation is being received instantly rather than weeks time and overall quality and consistency has risen dramatically.”
Lachlan Jamieson, Project Manager
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“The real key Fluix selling point for Siemens Gamesa is the customizable workflows. Without this functionality we would not be able to make the solution work across the varied working locations and we wouldn’t be able to accommodate the needs of our business working with the customers at each wind farm.”
Kathryn Ridsdale, IT Coordinator Team Lead
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“Our sales team never runs out of agreements and can avoid making multiple trips back to the office to turn in paperwork by using Fluix automated workflows. To be honest, our team is not naturally computer savvy and was somewhat resistant to the change, but now they’re glad we went paperless and love Fluix for making their job much easier.”
Chris Cavanagh, Vice-President
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“Fluix offers a very simple to use platform which all team members can quickly embrace. In addition to its ease of use Fluix provides the ability to automate and control all of the workflow requirements. Because of the streamlined workflow and ubiquitous staff acceptance two of my recent major projects had no lost paperwork or payment delays attributed to Quality Documentation.”
Paul Wilson, Project Manager
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Brilliant Product! The system has grown with our business and grown with our business demands. Continuous progression of development of the system is very pleasing to see also! Our process workflows are very defined and fluid. The system has also provided us with an emergency contingency system at some large corporate events! Swift replies from the account manager and development/support teams too!”
Kurtis Marsden, IT Business Support
“Previously, paperwork could easily get lost, but now it is easy to track where in the workflow the training paperwork is, from training completion to each Pilot/Cabin Crew training file. This has been a big step to going paperless.”
Andrew Taggart, Line Training Captain
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