Meet TaskStream

A task automation tool that helps you to focus on meaningful work.

Focus on meaningful things, let us automate the rest

Automate routine tasks

There are always certain tasks that your team hates doing. After several years of in-depth research and customer interviews, we have determined that it’s always the routine tasks that cause the most pain.

TaskStream automates the tasks your people hate doing, so they can focus on meaningful things.

Sign, assign, and review

Ain’t any document gets stuck somewhere in a black hole. Each file follows the right path and ends up in the right place. Sign them if approved, assign them back if there are issues to think of.

Add comments

A well-posed task is half the success. If you feel that a task requires several or more comments, just add them. And let your team know what to pay attention to.

Attach photos and drawings

Attach any other manuals needed. That can be even a photo if you dare to show what is happening there on the field.

Get your actionable reports

Whatever good or not-so-good thing happened, you will always stay on top of things. Detailed reports with accurate numbers and words are in front of your eyes and in your hands.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

01. Create your process template

Draw up the path your data will take through the process — from A to B — by mapping the business process into a workflow diagram using our simple drag-and-drop functionality.

02. Design a task for your team

Small or big, easy or hard. For recurring tasks, or as needed. Create a task, add to-do lists, and set a deadline and priority. Attach fillable forms created in our Fluix Form Builder, or use ready-made templates.

03. Decide on actions for the documents and tasks

Define specific actions and steps for the task, whether it’s sending an email to a customer or uploading a file to cloud storage or ERP. Add any additional information that will help to get the task done.

Task automation management on-the-go

TaskStream delivers a level of care and attention-to-detail that you’d expect from a highly-qualified manager — not a software feature. Just look at what it’s made of!

TaskStream builder

Workflows that once seemed difficult to build can now be created stress-free. Build them exactly as you map in your head, then add tasks and prioritize them in order using helpful color options.

Intuitive form builder

Make forms look professional by using blocks, images, signatures and checkboxes to create templates to suit your business needs. When you’re ready, save them as web form.

Task status

Automatic notifications will let you know when a task starts or ends, and you can easily check the status of tasks that are still in-progress. You can also set up reminders to close tasks on-time.

Smart Search

Jump to specific tasks and projects in seconds. Filter documents and tasks by name, status, or due date.

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