Fluix Success Story

Engineering Consulting Firm Finds Big Efficiency Gains Going Paperless

Leach Wallace Associates (LWA) is a U.S. consulting engineering firm that provides comprehensive mechanical, electrical and energy systems design services for institutional, commercial, industrial and government clients. LWA focuses on the quality and value of its engineering services as key differentiators vs. competitors. This strategy is validated by 80% of the company’s work coming from repeat customers.

Leach Wallace Success Story

Bringing field and office teams closer together

LWA’s business depends on the efficiency of its engineers in the field. With a staff of 130 and dozens of simultaneous projects, it was critical to manage team resources effectively, reduce time needed for each job and minimize the chance for human error. The company realized many existing processes were inefficient – wasting time and team resources.


Decreasing time spent on checklists

Field team spent valuable on-site time on tasks like flipping through printed binders
Only senior level engineers were capable of doing a majority of the work
Delays occurred when a new engineer picked up partially completed work

Choosing paperwork storage solution

To accelerate growth, LWA realized they needed to undergo a business process transformation – both in the office and in the field – with Fluix paperless workflow solution:

Field tasks are prepared in the office as automatically generated checklists.
Field workers access, complete, and submit the fillable PDF forms on their iPads in the field.
Capturing data from pdf forms are smooth and effortless with eSignatures from business owners on- and off-site.
Delegated checklists for post-processing are instantly sent from field to office.

Improved collaboration between field team and office staff. Fluix collaborative document management enables LWA field engineers and office admins to work together with form filling, annotations, and document workflows according to user roles in the process. Reassign, review, and approval scenarios are now everyday practices across the company.

Easier supervision of subcontractors. Tracking document activity is now possible for supervisors who need to view granular-level field data on construction forms used for inspection checklists. LWA staff can also quickly identify and act on schedule inconsistencies, ask about potential issues and give feedback on the work performed.

“With Fluix, we have instant access to see the status of documentation as it is completed in the field. Being able to check-in on document status online saves us from making costly and unnecessary trips to projects.”

A heaven for document workflow automation

LWA was able to make the most dramatic efficiency gains by going completely paperless with Fluix:

A simplified on-site process that can now be used by both senior and junior engineers

More work done with accelerated task execution and instant data turnaround

Document collaboration streamlined with workflow automation

“Fluix is the best tool for distributing, tracking, and collecting construction documentation, like construction forms for contractors, during the building commissioning process. It is a perfect fit for custom mobile forms that are essential to our business.”

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