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NKT Australia Slashes Document Processing Time by 69% Using Fluix

NKT is a powerhouse in the cable industry, quite literally. They’ve been helping businesses get connected to energy since 1891 with around 3,400 employees spanning 24 countries — offering easy-to-manage solutions for a range of voltages. NKT Australia’s field staff manages high-voltage installs for utilities and renewables assignments in the service, accessories, and rail sectors.

NKT Australia Success Story
  • A fragmented workforce in remote locations with varying file access
  • Heavy reliance on physical documents – files, forms, sheets
  • Misplaced, incomplete, or incorrectly filled forms
  • Time-consuming, repetitive admin tasks
  • No paperwork tracing system or electronic data capture in place, resulting in backlogs and delays
  • Time spent on filling up each document reduced by 69%
  • 100% paperless operations with document flow automation
  • Accountability and real-time tracking of form completions
  • Accessing and storing documents, both offline and online
  • Reduced effort required from staff to complete admin tasks due to i.e., instant online document forwarding and pre-filled forms

Connecting on-site and off-site teams in real time

NKT Australia’s employees operate on the more extreme side of the remote working scale. This is due to a massive skills gap in the renewables sector and the bulk of the work being in rural areas. They often spread out across Australia and New Zealand, so it’s not uncommon for them to spend up to 250 days off-site. It was similar to working in a pre-technology era as some staff even went without access to stable internet or printing facilities for up to 6 weeks! Their fragmented work setup and lack of quality assurance software made completing, organizing, and assessing important safety and quality documents difficult.

Imagine receiving the original project document portfolio months after the works had been completed, only to find damaged documents, incorrectly filled forms, or missing signatures. Then spending time and effort searching, creating, and correcting documents when staff returned from a project. It was like returning back to work from a vacation with piles of paperwork to take care of – not fun!

Other issues due to being disconnected in the field included:

A backlog of unprocessed and incomplete paperwork
Damaged and missing paper documents and files
Incorrectly filled forms and missing signatures

Plus, the growing demand for renewable projects meant NKT Australia needed a document automation software that could make their goal of going digital a reality – and fast!


Improving workflow and document management

NKT Australia knew their paper-filled processes weren’t efficient and had discussed taking their file management online. To give a better foundation for success, it was time to call for digital reinforcements by automating their documentation workflow to amp up their productivity. Since NKT Australia’s employees are always on-the-go, form digitization was essential to
Simplify set up and easy-to-use with little tech-savviness required of field technicians
Enable capturing data from pdf forms possible – anytime, anywhere
Be cost-effective and generate ROI over time
“After hearing about Fluix and wanting to proceed with some sort of digitalization, we did our due diligence and looked at a few other options, but Fluix was a stand out due to its known success from our key customers.”

Making time work for business

The most impressive win in NKT Australia’s Fluix-led digital transformation is the time saving. The company achieved a staggering 69% time reduction on each Quality Assurance Installation checklist.

In addition to, saving at least 8 hours per project using automated workflows for on site manager approvals.

By enabling NKT Australia to go 100% paperless, their field data collection became simple. Staff can now access all their documents in just a few taps on their tablet devices instead of lugging around multiple project folders with hundreds of files. Additional benefits included providing a better employee and customer experience, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

“Now, instead of giving the field staff multiple job folders with hundreds of copies of safety and quality assurance documents, we give them a tablet that has prefilled templates with simple inputs and digital signatures.”

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