Why do industry leaders choose fluix?

Considering the wide variety of business process automation solutions currently available, it’s not always easy to make the right decision – especially when your company’s success is at stake. Fluix is the right choice for those seeking not just a process management solution, but a partner to help them power productivity.

How does Fluix stand out from the crowd?

A Process automation solution that brings benefits from day 1

With Fluix, you’ll see immediate, measurable results. Our workflow automation software powers smart mobile forms and secure digital signing, as well as document flow automation, advanced reporting, and approval workflows. Other benefits include secure document storage, easy integration capabilities and centralized control of processes, which provide peace-of-mind, as well as creating the perfect environment for collaboration. Explore all Fluix features that will help you take the power of automation to-go.

Automated Business Process Workflows

Set up transparent, secure and scalable processes for your teams. Configure workflows according to your business requirements and ensure all documents are routed properly. Track progress for your entire team and get real-time insights so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

High Data Quality
Empower your remote teams with a first-class data collection solution that will help to improve data capture capabilities and data quality. Eliminate paper-related bottlenecks and reduce human error. Impress your customers and meet their compliance needs with professionally looking documents.
Saved Time
Time saved on paperwork allows teams to reduce overall inspection times and submit project documentation without delays. Managers and senior team members will be able to focus on their core job tasks, instead of losing valuable time spent completing manual paperwork.
Reduced Costs
Paper and printing aren’t the only costs you’ll save with Fluix. Document delivery services/couriers, shredding services, postage/mail costs and the time spent by staff on manual data retrieval and reporting are all immediate savings.

Security and compliance

Fluix is a core part of many important business processes run by our customers all over the world, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Entrust your business transformation to the caring experts

Fluix is not a run-of-the-mill software solution. In fact, our software is just one part of what we provide to our customers. The team at Fluix are consultative experts who have dedicated time to learning about the core industries we work with on a daily basis. This explains why leading businesses choose Fluix as a partner, and stay with us for many years.

Fluix experts will be with you on every step of your Fluix journey; from identifying the pain points affecting your business, to the smooth roll-out of our software across your teams.
We are proud to provide exceptional support to every single one of our customers, including those with unique use cases and complex process workflows.
Our customers range from mid-level companies, to global enterprises, from different industries and their own challenges.

Roll out a workflow automation solution that succeeds

Fluix is a unique process management software solution that allows you to easily automate a business process of any complexity and scale. Better still, it doesn’t entail high costs, major architectural changes, or team pushback often seen with other business process management tools.

Fast Deployment
Enterprise-level solutions do not always require years to deploy. Fluix is a lightweight solution allows you to start a pilot project in a couple of hours. No coding or IT resources needed.
No matter how complex and fragmented your processes are, Fluix is designed to effortlessly scale alongside your growing business.
Team Buy-In
The Fluix app is intuitive and stable. It just works, on remote locations and without connectivity.

Try fluix and see yourself

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