Fluix Success Story

Consolidated Power Projects Reduces Wind Farm Inspection Time
by 43%

Consolidated Power Projects Success Story
  • Manual processes consisting of 600+ paper forms and 200+ drawings per project.
  • Reduced labor time spent on admin efforts
  • Eliminated risk of lost/misplaced documents
  • Remotely auditable
  • Removed printing & handling costs
  • Field data collection app and automated reporting of real-time fuel usage, hours worked, staff and vehicles on site, HSE reports, etc.
Numbers That Matter
labor hours saved
documents routed
automated workflows
“With Fluix, we decreased wind farm inspection time by 43%, that enabled us to cut project costs”

Consolidated Power Projects Australia (CPP) provides full turn-key high voltage solutions for power utility, industrial, resource, rail and renewable energy sectors. Since 1996 CPP has delivered more than 250 infrastructure projects throughout Australia.


A shift from paperwork to digital workflows

Overseeing a number of sites spread over hundreds of miles apart is no easy task.

Adding the need to manage an army of sub-contractors, as well as to maintain a large stock of equipment, and the amount of paperwork becomes staggering.

With ever growing demands from decision makers – to cut wind turbine inspection costs and improve document turnaround time – the ability to set up processes and manage the paperwork in electronic format became essential. However, CPP did not know the steps to automate manual processes required in transforming their first project – a 53-turbine wind farm on Mount Emerald in Queensland.

The project included 600+ paper forms and 200+ drawings:

Inspection & test Checklists (ITC)

Concrete Dockets

Delivery Dockets


Drawing Mark-ups

Expense Claims

Vehicle Inspections

Weed Declarations

Subcontractor Day Sheets

Daily Pre Starts

wind turbines

Choosing automatization for better collaboration

Fluix transformed CPP’s time-consuming, paper-reliant processes into digital documents with automated workflows. The 4 key process improvements included:

  • Saving time and improving productivity of technicians with automatic template form updates
  • Tracking site operations in real time for quality and safety managers to immediately address issues
  • Eliminating all costs related to printing and handling
  • Onboarded field teams faster and more efficiently
  • Customizable reports based on accurate and reliable field data collection

Taking care of all the documentation

The company started using Fluix in 2017 and has since digitized over 9,000 documents in the electronic document management system – handling the large renewable energy projects in Australia like Mt Emerald Wind Farm, Coopers Gap Wind Farm and others.

“Fluix reduced the average time needed to complete a vehicle inspection checklist, including time to take photos, from 22 minutes to 12.5 minutes, or almost in half! Additional measurable productivity and quality gains were impressive, also.”

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