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Effective Solution For Global Deployment

Siemens Gamesa is a Leading supplier of reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient renewable energy solutions. They have more than 27,000 megawatts of wind power installed worldwide with over 7,800 employees.

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1World’s first offshore wind power plant in 1991 in Denmark established the industry.
2Broke the records for the world’s largest offshore wind power plants, presently held by the 630 MW London Array project. It features 175 Siemens 3.6 megawatt wind turbines.
3Leading position within onshore wind power, having been awarded the world’s largest single onshore order to date: a 1,050 MW order from MidAmerican Energy in Iowa.
“The real key Fluix selling point for Siemens is the customizable workflows. Without this functionality we would not be able to make the solution work across the varied working locations and we wouldn’t be able to accommodate the needs of our business working with the customers at each wind farm.”
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Kathryn Ridsdale,
IT Solutions and Smart Mobile Engineer,
Siemens Gamesa


  1. 1 Find a relevant and robust mobile solution that would unify document management process across Siemens departments worldwide.
  2. 2 Produce thousands of completed and digitally signed checklists by thousands of technicians, minimizing time spent of them.
  3. 3 Enforce workflows that comply with Siemens policies and requirements for such a large Team.


  1. 1 Leveraging capabilities of the iPad, Fluix enables Siemens technicians to capture data in the field, fill out checklists, add photos to PDFs in real time and digitally sign their work on the go.
  2. 2 Training, being mandatory part of Siemens Wind Power operations, has become easier and takes less time than before due to the intuitive interface of Fluix and the way it is managed.
  3. 3 Collaboration within teams and enforced company-wide workflows enable Siemens to get fully completed work faster and with less manual procedures.


  1. 1 18 Siemens country departments already use Fluix full-scope, and 12 are on their way to full deployment, over 2,000 users as of today.
  2. 2 Unified process of storing, distributing, working with and collecting documents from technicians working onshore and offshore.
  3. 3 Over 4,000 completed documents monthly by technicians within just 1 country department.

Why Siemens Gamesa chose Fluix?

Full-scope Control of Company Workflow

Fluix has allowed Siemens to have a greater oversight of the whole document control process both onshore and offshore. There is now the capability of updating a document instantaneously in a cloud folder and get it synchronized across thousands of technicians’ iPads with no intervention. This has many benefits when ensuring technical documentation is kept up-to-date but even more so when looking from a safety perspective where it is vital the technicians are working to the correct method statements and approved work procedures.

Furthermore, Fluix ensures that Siemens’s documentation always remains secure and follows the pre-defined workflow process. It is now possible to differentiate how documents are controlled for Siemens’s contractors and how they are controlled for the company’s employees. This is important for such a large company, which works collaboratively, but also needs to respect intellectual property and security.

Ensuring Quality and Minimizing Costs

Fluix completely removes the need to email completed checklists, which run the risk of not being handled correctly. The technicians do not have to configure anything work-related on their own any longer; everything is set up by dedicated people in Siemens with granular controls to the Fluix account. Aside from improving the control of documentation it also improves the quality of the work completed.

Prior to deploying Fluix there were often rework and non-conformance costs due to documentation not being completed fully or legible. Handwritten checklists and the requirement to flick through pages and pages of manuals were time consuming and added no value to our customers. Fluix helped to remove this non-value adding work and minimize how much time it takes.

Flexible and Customizable Service

One of the greatest benefits of Fluix for Siemens is the way it can be customized: whether it be storing documents and access to them, sharing options, defining network drives or password protection, or any other aspect that you would want to control or change. Moreover, the service gives the flexibility to increase or decrease licensing as one goes along, adding more employees to the system.

This way you are able to move at the pace of your implementation instead of being forced into big upfront costs before having the chance to pilot and review the benefits.

“One of the single biggest benefits of Fluix for Siemens is it’s scalability. The solution can easily be used within a small office environment or across multiple departments in multiple countries.”

Kathryn Ridsdale,
IT Solutions and Smart Mobile Engineer,
Siemens Gamesa