Fluix Success Story

Centuri increases efficiency and monetizes its data with Fluix

Centuri Success Story
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“Fluix is making a huge impact in the company. It simplifies generation, distribution and collection of data for our field personnel.”
  • Paper-based processes, entailing human error and time waste.
  • Project delays and miscommunication.
  • Manual data procession for reports.
  • Fragmented data.
  • Increased productivity with cost and time savings on paperwork.
  • Efficient communication and control over field processes.
  • 50% – 75% reduction in time saved annually with automated reporting.
  • Actionable insights.

Centuri Group, Inc. is a comprehensive utility infrastructure services enterprise dedicated to delivering a diverse array of solutions to North America’s gas and electric providers.

The company places great emphasis on utilizing the latest technology to optimize time and deliver value to their customers. With that in-mind, their mission to always “think ahead” prompted them to seek solutions that would enable them to save time, optimize construction management workflows and cut down on paperwork.

Knowing that forward thinking brings lasting success, Centuri trusted Fluix to help them be more efficient, compliant and run with optimal productivity.


Managing complex projects

Centuri has been growing at an exponential rate, acquiring companies across the US and Canada. This amplified growth brought with it numerous challenges, including an increase in the volume of documentation and a need to create efficient communication channels and streamlined processes across the company.

Excessive time wasted on paperwork affected workflow efficiency and negatively impacted the morale of workers:

Delays and miscommunication. With over 2 thousand users on-board, who were hundreds of miles away from each other and tired of email driven routines, the company needed to find an efficient way of communicating between teams, contractors and the back offices.

Paperwork. Tedious manual data entry carried a risk for errors and took foremen away from their required core responsibilities.

Reporting. One of the biggest problems was finding a way to share data and reports with the admin and finance teams. With a vast array of data, it took hours each day to collect and process.

With all of the aforementioned challenges to consider, the company’s managers spent a significant amount of time and effort researching in-house and third-party construction workflow management softwares, until they found Fluix.


Time-cost optimization

Excessive time wasted on paperwork affected workflow efficiency and negatively impacted the morale of workers. In Fluix, Centuri found the construction document management solution they were looking for:


Mobility. All company document paths were moved from paper to mobile devices. Currently, hundreds of documents are routed daily, via automatic workflows. Field teams get instant approval and comments from their site managers, while contractor’s signatures are collected on-the-go and digitally delivered to the office at the same time.


Real-Time Updates. Annotating sketches and adding multiple images simultaneously, is no longer a challenge for the worker in the field.


Mobile Data Collection. Field data capture is performed automatically and is heavily used for reporting and compliance.


Quick, Easy Onboarding. Easy transition from the previous construction business software, with no learning curve for office managers.

With all of the aforementioned challenges to consider, the company’s managers spent a significant amount of time and effort researching in-house and third-party construction workflow management softwares, until they found Fluix.

Documents routed via Fluix:


Reports: quality report, safety report, compliance report, audit report, incident report, daily crew report, utility damage report, property damage report, expense report, building risk assessment report.


Checklists: job safety analysis checklist, job hazard analysis (JHA) checklist


Forms: order forms, contractor field evaluation form, PTO request form, pre-shift health check-in form.


Time sheets, contractors daily field inspection log, witness statement, heavy equipment sign-off sheet, weekly toolbox talks.

“Collecting and exporting field data in Fluix is a really big advantage for our employees and our company. I can report on virtually any field process. The best part is that it doesn’t create any additional burden for end-users, effectively raising their productivity!”

Decreased spending, increased productivity

Efficient Communication

Instead of chaotic emailing, Fluix allowed company to post new information (safety bulletins, weekly Toolbox Talks, etc.) in an organized fashion at the foreman’s fingertips and get confirmation they received and reviewed it with their team.

Increased Productivity

The primary metric for Centuri is the time needed to complete paperwork and deliver it to the customer and area office. Eliminating manual data input and setting up instant submission of documents, freed up time for higher-value tasks. Additionally, the risk of losing or misinterpreting information on printed paperwork has reduced significantly.

Total Control Over Field Processes

Real-time control over document workflows and team tasks at all stages provides a holistic picture of all processes – enabling management to take timely action, if needed. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of documents can be efficiently structured and easily found when needed, via automatic file naming, providing yet another way to save and optimize time.

“Fluix is a great cross-reference tool – a stepping stone. It’s a simple tool to get up-and-running quickly for our users in the field who aren’t admins and don’t like change.”
Advanced Reporting

At least 50% – 75% reduction in the time it takes to collate reports.

Actionable Insights

Easy export and filtering of data collected in forms by field workers allows them to create construction work progress reports for their daily and weekly meetings.


With a fast-growing portfolio of companies and increasing document workflows, the scalability of the mobile construction management software is critical. Fluix can fully scale across Centuri, providing assurance that their needs will be met.


Fluix provides Centuri peace-of-mind. Given Centuri’s multiple workflow processes required for the field and back offices, a dedicated support team that responds in an efficient, timely way is necessary.

“We are very pleased with Fluix’s support and product team. We always get a timely response no matter the time zone, and our feedback is taken into consideration when the team is working on product updates.”

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