Fluix is designed specifically for the construction industry

Accelerate Field-to-Office Communication

Distribute service work orders, checklists, daily logs, diagnostics and other documentation to your team in the field. Customize Fluix to ensure that documents move fast among the team and get to the right people. With a touch of a button submit completed forms back to your office and/or pass them to other team members involved in the project. Save hours per day automating and digitizing your workflows.

Minimize Costs by Minimizing Paper

The construction industry is known to generate large quantities of paper documentation. Migrate all your pounds of paper documents to their electronic versions and view, fill out, annotate and sign every needed manual, blueprint or work order using only one service. No need to print out, distribute and store all that paperwork. Save thousands per project in real paper costs and gained efficiency.

Dramatically Increase Productivity

Business information is constantly on demand and accessed in real time, the building and construction industry is no exception to this. Documents get updated frequently, online files are quickly transferred, requirements and circumstances change daily, and everyone in a widely dispersed team needs immediate updating. With Fluix teams can have seamless and instant access to all required and recent documents at anytime, eliminating costly mistakes and improving project delivery. Leverage the productivity gains achieved via paperless workflows.Leaving bundles of paperwork behind, teams can focus on doing their job, enabling companies to achieve maximum efficiency and high employee satisfaction.

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