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Why Does Your Business Need Forms Automation Software and Data Collection Form App?

Efficiency is key for any high-performing business and digitization of the business process is essential for such efficiency. Data digitization is one of the most important tasks for any company planning to outperform the competition and streamline the workflow. One side of this process is the application of the digital process automation software to deal with data forms on the fly.

Data collection forms regardless of their inconvenience are required in any business. From purchase orders to travel requests, these forms are unavoidable and typically have long-term processing. Employees, supervisors, and senior management waste hours on filling in, signing and distribution of various forms. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century many companies still perform paper workflow manually losing thousands of effective working hours per year. 

There are also other challenges of paper workflow, including:

Form automation is much more efficient in comparison with manual data collection processing. Forms automation streamlines workflow, saving staff time, and reducing errors. Learn the benefits of mobile form solutions and choose the data collection app fitting your business needs.

There’s a simple way to overcome all these challenges and save your team’s time.

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What Are Mobile Forms and Form Automation?

What are mobile forms?

Mobile forms are digital forms on mobile devices that look like copies of the traditional paper forms used in the variety of company’s workflow like reports, inspections, or audits. Using the mobile forms apps you can create and submit forms through smartphones or tablets.

What is form automation?

Form automation is the creation of the digital versions of your company’s paper forms using the specific form automation software. You can use form automation to eliminate paperwork within the company and start data digitization creating the computerized form versions. Having performed form automation you will easily proceed with electronic data capture, sharing of forms with your employees and customers, finding them in seconds and storing safely on your company storage.

Explore the Specific Features of Mobile Forms for Business

Form automation software can help your company to start the digitization of business processes. The main question here is – which solution will be perfect for your specific business requirements and what features are crucial for its effectiveness.

Here, we prepared the list of the most important features to consider when choosing a form automation software:

Investigate Types of Mobile Forms

Form automation software typically supports  various mobile forms types, like web forms, pdfs, word and excel spreadsheets. They  are based on the typical documents created within the organization on a daily basis. As we have discussed earlier the role of the form automation is to copy the existent paper forms into the digital format. The employees have to go through the digitization of the business processes in the simplest possible way. 

Let’s explore several types of mobile forms, investigating their pros and cons.

While you are choosing the form automation software check that it has the functionality for all mobile form types to perform enterprise mobile data collection automatically. It should also have additional features helping to develop the traditional forms following business workflow requirements.

Benefits of Mobile Forms Automation

The integration of mobile form apps into a business workflow can raise the company’s productivity to a new level plus improve various aspects of the everyday workflow:

Examples of Mobile Forms Application in Various Industries

In fact, mobile forms software solutions are useful for any business especially for those located in the offline areas or working remotely. When your enterprise is located in a rural or mountain area with limited internet connection forms automation can really help. The offline functionality of the mobile forms allows users to fill them in the offline form app. The same is true for remote workers who might not have access to paper forms when needed. 

Let’s examine some examples of mobile forms application across industries:

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Regardless of the industry form automation software enables organizations to reduce costs, access critical data in real-time, and improve decision making at every level. With such digital process automation software as Fluix, you can create custom apps and turn your paper documents into digital forms that your field teams can quickly complete on mobile devices both offline and online. As a result, your business will go through the digitization process streamlining your workflow and raising employees’ productivity to the new level.

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