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Automated Data Filling: How to Fill Out a Mobile Form

Automated form filling can improve performance for many companies that do numerous activities requiring much paperwork:

  • Work order
  • Jobsite inspection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Risk assessment
  • Quality control
  • OSHA
  • Employee management, and more

By using mobile forms, teams can collect accurate data fast, ensuring its accuracy, and share it with everyone engaged in the task. Using digital documents speeds up project completion and enhances the overall performance. 

How to Fill Out a PDF Form on Mobile: Key Input Fields

Mobile forms can possess diverse functionality depending on the software you’re using. But while regular PDF editors typically offer only basic features, professional form filling apps like Fluix are designed to solve particular problems of industries like construction, energy, remodelling, etc. Their form field functionality goes beyond text editing and can be equipped with logic and instant calculations.

Let’s see how to fill in a PDF form in the document management app, and what basic fields are available for automated data capture.

Text & Numbers

Enter text to fill in any kind of field, from the address to inspector name. Use extended text fields to collect feedback or comments.


Option selection makes it faster to fill in the form. Add as many values as you need to avoid manual typing and speed up the submission.


Add text notes, draw, add shapes, highlight with colors, underline, or create pop-up notes. Add signatures and images as annotations in forms without predefined signature or image fields.  

Annotating with images helps refer to a particular object or piece of equipment


Upload an image from your photo gallery or use a camera straight in the form. Add geotags and time stamps to reflect the jobsite more accurately.

  • Time stamps help eliminate the mess with photos that are re-used for multiple reports.
  • Geotags help differentiate between identically-looking objects in different locations.
Photos in plans and drawings help ensure that all quality expectations are met

For more info on how images can be used in mobile forms, see Jobsite Photo Documentation for Efficient Project Management.

Date & Time Stamps

Choose a date in one click, and it will be added in the format you need: dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, etc.


Sign off with a digital signature that you can pre-save on your device. You can also capture customer handwritten signatures right on your iPad or iPhone screen using a finger or a stylus. In forms without a predefined signature field, you can create one and make it required.

Sign forms on the go and streamline document workflows


Use autodetection of address to define the location and complete the address fields automatically. Simply check it on the map and insert the address into the form.

Geolocation makes your form data accurate and more reliable


Use stamps to add  information to the document as it moves through the workflow. Stamps serve to validate the entered information and also visualize the distribution of forms between teams and sites.  

Barcode and QR Code

Scan barcode or QR code in one click and upload the captured data without manual entry.

Scanning codes helps maintain a large inventory of products

Benefits of Mobile Form Solutions

The above list isn’t final. Explore the app you’re using to include features you need. The true advantage of mobile forms is their utility and adaptability for any number of purposes, including inspections, employee onboarding, contract negotiation, training, among other use cases.

  • Data accuracy. Automated form filling minimizes human error. Key information is inserted into a template with predefined fields, and the input data fits specified parameters. For example, if the required project number is nine digits, and the entered value is an eight-digit number, it won’t be saved and submitted until the error is fixed. 
  • No document loss. Unlike paper, digital forms are less likely to be damaged or lost due to human error.
  • Instant submit. Once all the data is captured, the form automatically moves through the workflow. The person or groups assigned to the task are notified that the doc is ready to be further managed.  
  • Offline data collection. Adding data in the offline mode can be crucial for teams operating at remote job sites without regular Internet connection.
  • Access to latest versions. Jobsite crews, the office, inspectors and contractors can work with the latest versions of documents, with the latest comments, markup and reviews. This helps synchronize the project processes between multiple teams and avoid miscommunication and delays. 
  • Standard compliance. You can create digital checklists, reports, reference materials and safety guides, etc. that comply with both industry standards and your corporate style requirements. 
  • Saved time & budget. With iPad data entry forms, you save on printing and document sending and delivery. Paperless document management also reduces man hours as you don’t need to manually scan, upload and name files and send them by email to each recipient separately.  
  • Convenience. You don’t need to carry numerous paper copies and pens, which is a significant advantage for auditors inspecting remote objects like wind turbines or stations. Weather conditions like strong wind, rain or swell also don’t interrupt form filling.
  • No paper clutter. Mobile forms eliminate paper mess, which is especially helpful when operating in small spaces like a cockpit or crane cabin. 
  • Sustainability. Mobile form solutions reduce paper usage, helping companies become more environmentally-friendly in their daily routines.  

Digital documents are the data collection method demanded by the needs of modern industries. It helps substitute thousands of pages with a single mobile device that can be managed by anyone from anywhere.

Automated form filling provides features to create and distribute checklists, capture offline data, sign documents remotely, reducing errors, rework and budget overrun. By using mobile form apps like Fluix you will improve your productivity and performance, avoid project delays, and ensure safety on the jobsite.

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