Iuliia Nesterenko

Senior Product Writer

Iuliia Nesterenko is a Senior Writer at Fluix. Before joining the team, she sharpened her skills as a content manager at the award-winning digital studio, and later at one of the largest email automation platforms. Using her experience in digital marketing, Iuliia writes about the product and its features, small and big. She also covers topics such as productivity hacks and management best practices, sharing her own advice as well as insights from industry experts.

Despite holding a Master's Degree in Philology, Iuliia is far from being a conventional academic. A big fan of mountains and ocean, she believes that great ideas are conceived while walking or surfing. Her best articles are all written after a good hike or surfing day.

When she's not busy researching for the blog, Iuliia writes the Fluix Newsletter, a monthly digest with all the latest automation trends, and curates the Work to the Beat playlist project.