Esmira Kovalchuk

Product Manager

Esmira Kovalchuk is a Product Manager at Fluix. As a former Customer Support Manager, she brings her understanding of customers' needs to the table, helping make a difference for the users. Her articles are focused on data processing and reporting, featuring practical insights from real use cases. Esmira comes from an commerce background, holding a Master’s Degree in Economics, but bases her advice on her 4+ years of product management experience.

Esmira is a demo call pro, who always gives customers a firsthand experience of what Fluix has to offer. She believes the aim of any product tour is to primarily let people see how your product works, and if it’s worth investing in. Every month, she emails the product updates to over 3,000 of customers.

Esmira is an advocate for an active lifestyle, actively participating in various fitness activities such as yoga, stretching, gym workouts, tennis, and running. Her commitment to fitness not only enhances her personal well-being but also contributes to building stamina for her professional performance.