7 Benefits of Automated Data Capture

Esmira Kovalchuk Product Manager
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It is worthwhile for enterprises in most industries to consider automated data capture solutions. From digitizing paper documents to updating records in real time, automated data capture offers many advantages. Automating data capture and processing can optimize the workflows of staff in offices and out in the field. Here are seven benefits of automated data capture across workflows.

1. Automated Data Capture Methods Supersede Manual Data Entry

A study on the quality of manual data entry found that participants who did visual checking made 2,958% more errors than those who performed double entry. Both of these methods take longer than single entry, which is about as error-prone as visual checking. Automated data capture is the clear solution. 

Workflow software can record readings automatically and issue notifications or follow defined courses of action once data capture is automated. The staff of an enterprise stand to benefit from access to the most accurate and current data.

2. Automated Data Capture Software Can Optimize Workflows 

The workflows of any staff members whose jobs previously included manual data entry or processing can be transformed by automating data capture. Based on the data collection methods in use, staff in the field who were tasked with taking and reporting readings can also take on different tasks.

Data entry and transcription are essential for keeping records, but these manual processes can be time-consuming and rote. Automated data capture is one of the most effective ways to streamline workflows.

3. Automation Simplifies Data Capture Management

Workflow software that supports automated data capture can also simplify data processing and management. Fluix is the best solution for implementing automated data capture and automating other critical tasks and processes.

Many enterprises must keep records of compliance with occupational safety regulations or other industry-specific standards. The successful implementation of workflow management software is the first step toward automated data capture and access to current and accurate data managed in accordance with set practices.

4. Field Data Capture Software Supports Staff

Staff in the field and offices both stand to benefit from automated data capture. Field staff may no longer need to take readings directly from sensors or equipment that are not readily accessible. On some remote sites, it may still be necessary for staff to manually take and submit readings. 

Fluix supports both online and offline data collection. This workflow management system is the most flexible way to implement automation across workflows, including tasks that involve data capture. 

5. Real Time Data Capture and Management

Automated data capture with online collection also offers enterprises the advantage of real-time reporting. This approach reduces the burden on staff in the field to take and report timely readings. 

Workflows across an enterprise benefit from access to current data. Processing delays caused by data entry or other manual tasks may be eliminated through automation or optimized by setting up notifications to synchronize automated and manual processes.

6. Accountability In Heavy Construction Data Capture and Analytics

Heavy construction is an industry in which accurate and timely data capture is critical. An enterprise that takes the right approach to automating data entry can provide staff and stakeholders with the most current information. 

Construction firms are often held accountable to occupational and structural safety regulations. Data captured at the necessary sites and points in time to provide proof of compliance is useful in audits or for meeting other reporting requirements.

7. Expedited Electronic Data Capture and Processing

In addition to digital data, documents and files, it is possible to automate the process of capturing other types of data. From magnetic ink character recognition to magnetic stripe cards and any other data capture methods that are in use, Fluix supports automated data capture from practically any source.

When properly implemented, automated data capture software can improve the accuracy and currency of information on hand for making data-driven decisions. Automation can also optimize the workflows of decision-makers and other staff. Fluix is one of the best automated data capture solutions for construction, engineering, renewable energy and a wide range of other enterprises.

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