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Field Service Management

Companies that work in industrial sectors tend to take field service management seriously. Field service directly impacts the bottom line, so there is little hesitation in actively managing related tasks. However, other types of businesses have workers in the field who could benefit from an intentional field service management strategy. Professionals falling into this category include travel nurses, traveling sales reps, security officers and mail carriers.

What Is Field Service?

Field service refers to work activities that take place away from the company premises and on the property of clients. When companies consider this broad approach to defining field service, it becomes more clear why so many other professionals could benefit from a clear plan.

Here are some common examples of field service work:

  • Security officers patrolling and completing checks of clients’ premises
  • Nurses traveling to the homes of seniors to provide assisted living services
  • Engineers investigating and repairing leaks on gas lines
  • Contractors provide landscaping services
  • Technicians installing telecommunications networks for customers

What Is a Field Service Engineer?

A field service engineer is a professional who provides technical and hands-on services in the field. These professionals complete some of the most common tasks relevant to their lines of business, such as repair, maintenance and installation. The specific tasks they complete depend on the sector they operate in within the field service industry.

For example, a security alarm company and an oil company may both have field service engineers. If homeowners report that their alarm systems are malfunctioning, the field service engineer visits the home and run diagnostics on the alarm system. He or she then completes the necessary repairs.

Compare this to a field service engineer working on an oil rig. If workers encounter earth that is much harder to drill into than expected, the engineer needs to determine what tools would better serve their needs and how to source them.

What Is a Field Service Report?

How field workers allocate time across specific tasks also varies based on the sector. For example, field service engineers in construction and oil spend a great deal of time completing inspections. In contrast, nurses who travel to the homes of seniors spend the majority of their time actively assisting with basic tasks.

Both the field service engineer and the nurse need to create reports detailing or summarizing the work they completed on behalf of the client. In some cases, these reports are mandated by company policy alone, but sometimes they are required by law. Reports are especially important when it comes to incidents involving serious injuries and other catastrophic events.

What Is Digital Field Service Management?

There are two ways to handle field service management. The first is the traditional paper system. When companies use this method, field workers are expected to make written notes. Clipboards and pens can be cumbersome, so field workers do not always bring these to the site. Instead, they may rely on memory to fill out the information after the fact. Workers then physically file this information at the company’s central location.

In contrast, digital field service management relies on technology. The extent to which tech is employed varies in degrees across a wide spectrum. On one end, companies may still require the completion of physical forms, but workers can scan and upload them. On the other end, companies can completely digitize the process by using apps and even audiovisual recordings for employees in the field to complete and record tasks as they happen.

Taking a digital approach in the field service management industry produces more accurate information because field workers are more likely to do it in real-time. Digital field service management is especially handy when workers need to follow a specific to-do list while on site.

Why Choose Field Service Management Software?

The modern business world requires managers to embrace technology for their companies to compete and thrive. Field service management software is another item in the toolbox that can bring a wealth of benefits to the business.

Secure Storage

When you have physical documents, there is always the question of how to store them. Even when you keep them secure from prying eyes, there is concern about what happens in the event of a disaster. Would you be able to retrieve that information? With Fluix’s secure online storage, your data is encrypted and you decide which workers are authorized to access it.

Remote Accessibility

The ability to work from home has become a necessity as much as a perk. Not every profession can be moved into a remote space, but a number of administrative tasks can be. However, to complete their work, these professionals still need access to information from workers in the field. For example, an accountant may still need the invoices created and signed by the foreman at the site.

Teamwork Building

Cloud storage and cloud computing make collaborative work easier, even when people work together in the same space. Everyone can complete their portions of the work or view progress from their individual screens while next to each other or on the other side of the world. This can save time by reducing the need for one person to complete one task before the next employee can begin his or her own task.

Lower Costs

How much would you be willing to pay to cut your quality inspection time by 69% or more? What would you pay for software that allowed your team to spend 75% less time on reporting? What about saving 100 days per year on safety reports? What would saving $300,000 per year in labor costs mean for your business? These are real results from our clients who access our field service management software for as little as $20 per month.

Fluix provides software solutions for some of the common and the most complex fieldwork assignments your workers need to accomplish. By using our software, they can complete these assignments safely and with fewer errors. Even better, you have immediate access to these reports, so you always have current data to make informed business decisions.

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