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Top Aviation Podcasts to Follow in 2024

Whether it’s a light overview or a deeper discussion, aviation podcasts offer both professionals and enthusiasts the opportunity to be included in conversations on topics affecting the industry, be it latest trends, modern aviation software, or regulations that are most prevalent in the sector.

In no particular order, here’s our pick of the best aviation industry podcasts to check out in 2024.

1. AvTalk Aviation Podcast from Flightradar24

Every Friday, co-hosts Ian Petchenik, Jason Rabinowitz, and Gabriel Leigh discuss the latest news, trends, updates, and hot topics from across the world of aviation. 

The podcast has clearly found its stride in the time it has taken to amass almost 260 episodes, and the efforts made to make content accessible to both avgeeks and intro-level enthusiasts alike has secured the podcast a loyal following.

Episode length: An average of 35 minutes

2. Bryan Air

Broadcasting live from Johannesburg, South Africa, co-hosts Bryan Roseveare and Ryan Parrock deliver traditional aviation flight deck banter alongside the most prevalent news stories affecting global airlines and related travel sectors. 

Both hosts have extensive knowledge and practical experience of the aviation industry, and the podcast is a testament to that. Listeners will enjoy learning about helpful productivity tips for pilots, as well as hearing all the latest insights from the aviation industry.

Episode length: An average of 25 minutes

3. The Airplane Geeks Podcast

This weekly podcast is produced and hosted by a team of aviation industry experts, many of them pilots. A panel of regular contributors further broadens the scope of the conversation, with several high-profile guests also joining the show to share insights.

The aim of the podcast is to educate and inform listeners, while exploring and developing listeners’ passion for aviation – and entertaining them a little along the way. Topics range from general aviation news and aircraft-specific reports, to in-depth conversations centered around improving pilots’ mental health and helping young aviators to succeed in the industry.

Episode length: An average of 60-90 minutes

4. Airline Pilot Guy Show & Plane Tales

Each week, Capt. Jeff Nielsen and Capt. Nick Anderson are joined by regular in-house and guest contributors for the Airline Pilot Guy Show. Episodes offer in-depth discussions on topics including piloting and aviation safety, as well as the latest aviation news. 

The hosts are always happy to answer listener feedback, which has earned the show a strong community of fans. If that’s not enough aviation action for you, Capt. Nick also hosts the Plane Tales podcast, where he shares insights into his military and commercial aviation experience.

Episode length: An average of 3 hours (Airline Pilot Guy Show) or 20 minutes (Plane Tales)

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5. AviaDev Africa

AviaDev is dedicated to growing connectivity to, from, and within the African continent. Events organized by AviaDev Africa bring airports, airlines, tourism authorities, governments, and industry suppliers together to learn from peers and make important connections.

AviaDev prides itself on being an independent voice for African aviation, and their podcast of the same name, hosted by AviaDev CEO, Jon Howell, features engaging conversations spanning a broad spectrum of topics. The next in-person AviaDev Africa event takes place from June 19th-21st at the Movenpick Hotel in Windhoek, Namibia.

Episode length: An average of 30-60 minutes

6. Plane Crazy Down Under

Australia’s longest running aviation podcast is co-hosted by industry experts, Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron. The podcast aims to boost awareness of aviation within the Australia/Pacific region, and to promote the message that flying is fun and achievable. The show’s professional yet relaxed format is enjoyed by a growing audience of aviation professionals and enthusiasts, as well as the general public.

Previous guests include pilots, analysts, air traffic controllers, adventurers, business owners, industry representatives, and heritage organizations. Topics covered include hot air balloons, recreational flying, warbirds & sport aerobatics, charter operations, airlines, and the military.

Episode length: An average of 40-50 minutes

7. The Air Up There

The Federal Aviation Administration (USA) invites those who are curious about the world of aviation to tune in to their podcast. Rotating hosts add a great sense of diversity in content and conversation. 

Listeners are guided through a broad range of topics in each episode, including the future of flight, drones, and ways to make the National Airspace System safer, smarter, and more efficient.

Episode length: An average of 20 minutes

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8. Pilot to Pilot – Aviation Podcast

The Pilot to Pilot podcast aspires to be a place of inspiration and encouragement for all aviators and aviation enthusiasts. Pilot and host, Justin Siems, started the podcast after his wife suggested he find a way to give back to the aviation community and encourage fellow pilots to achieve their dreams.

Listeners praise this podcast for introducing them to topics that mean the most to present and future aviators, and for the opportunity to hear from real pilots working in various sectors of the aviation industry.

Episode length: An average of 1 hour

9. Australian Aviation Podcast Network

This Sydney-based podcast is the official podcast of Australian Aviation, which has been the trusted source of market intelligence and situational awareness for Australia’s aviation sector since 1977. 

A rotation of hosts keeps each episode fresh and interesting, with a broad range of topics specially selected to appeal to listeners across the entire Australian aviation sector and beyond.

Episode length: An average of 35 minutes

10. Squawk 7000 Podcast

The Squawk 7000 podcast was launched in December 2000 by Boeing 737 Pilot and aviation training expert, Mark Dwyer. The show is co-produced by broadcaster and aviator, Michael Comyn, and it has grown to become a must-listen source of global, regional, and local aviation news for pilots and aviation enthusiasts in Ireland.

The podcast perfectly compliments additional content featured on its host website, FlyinginIreland.com, which was set up by Mark Dwyer back in 2002.

Episode length: An average of 20 minutes

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11. “There I was…” An Aviation Podcast

Presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute (USA), this storytelling podcast instantly draws the listener in with tales of near-misses, unpredictable scenarios, and the skills utilized to ensure that the pilots got to fly another day. 

The podcast aims to honor the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience. There are almost 70 episodes to choose from, each with a story as captivating as the next.

Episode length: An average of 40 minutes

12. AVIATE with Shaesta

Shaesta Waiz made history in 2017 when she became the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft (a Beechcraft Bonanza A36). She went on to set up the Dreams Soar Foundation to encourage young people to study STEM subjects, and also to improve diversity and inclusion across the aviation industry.

The AVIATE with Shaesta podcast is a space exclusively for women to share their experiences of being part of the aviation industry.

Episode length: An average of 15 minutes

13. The Diggintravel Podcast

An audio haven for anyone interested in listening to some of the world’s most successful digital leaders in the aviation sector. Host and Diggintravel founder, Iztok Franko, discusses the latest marketing, travel, and digital transformation news that directly impacts the aviation industry, including how best to interpret analytics and utilize data.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into how data and analytics will impact the future of aviation, then this podcast is a must-listen.

Episode length: An average of 40 minutes

14. The Green Dot

The official podcast of the Experimental Aircraft Association (USA) provides listeners with bi-weekly episodes featuring news, aviation history, and interviews with members. Rotating hosts are joined by guests who share their passion for aircraft that have been meticulously custom-built or painstakingly restored to their former glory.

Episodes include interviews with NASA astronauts, aerial firefighters, and aerobatic pilots, as well as discussions about careers in aviation and the restoration of historic aircraft.

Episode length: An average of 45 minutes

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