Best Apps for Pilots to Make Flying Safer & Easier

Jenny Butler Customer Experience & Events Manager
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Whether they’re flying a Cessna 152 or a Boeing 737, there are certain flight deck essentials that pilots can’t go without. Flight planning software has helped countless pilots to significantly reduce their paper-based workload and associated errors, but that is just one example of what makes up a modern electronic flight bag.

We’ve listed some of the best aviation apps for Android and iOS; from EFB apps for the iPad, to general-reference apps for flying.

1. ARSim Radio Simulator by Plane English

We like to think of this as aviation’s answer to Duo Lingo; if you spend a few minutes a day practicing, you’ll be a pro in no time! The app is a one-stop shop for pilots who want to practice aviation phraseology and learn how to properly communicate with ATC towers.

Voice recognition technology allows pilots to speak into their device and get feedback on the accuracy of their message, which may help to limit the chances of future in-flight communication errors.

2. Airbus FlySmart+ and NAVBLUE

Airbus Flysmart+ groups together several on-board and ground software applications, providing digital flight operations manuals as well as apps that take care of OEM aircraft performance and weight & balance calculations.

Going a step further, NAVBLUE provides pilots with a full set of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps. Each app in both offerings plays a vital role in reducing workloads for pilots, as well as helping to avoid situations of human error that can occur with paper documents.

3. Bose Connect

Bose headsets have arguably become as popular as Aviator sunglasses when it comes to  essential pilot accessories! With good reason, though. The brand has become synonymous with comfort, audio clarity, and flawless bluetooth connectivity.

The Bose Connect app allows pilots to control their headset from their mobile device or tablet, including setting up multiple bluetooth connections – pretty essential if you’re using a Bose headset.

4. Flightradar24

For pilots, this app is perhaps more for general interest, rather than being an in-flight essential. Nevertheless, its user-friendly interface and detailed live radar maps have brought hobbyists, enthusiasts, and industry professionals together via their shared passion for aviation.

5. ForeFlight

If you go back to the origins of flight planning apps, ForeFlight is one of the names you’ll find. The company was founded in 2007, and since then their app has taken much of the burden of manual paperwork away from pilots and replaced it with several best-in-class aviation software solutions.

They also provide the option of managing Jet-A fuel card memberships through JetFuelX directly from ForeFlight, which saves time on searching through fuel cards one-by-one.

6. Garmin Pilot

When it comes to reducing errors and making life easier for pilots, air navigation apps have certainly cemented their reputation as essential. As you’d expect, Garmin Pilot has a host of additional capabilities beyond standard mapping and navigation. The app’s worldwide weather and real-time lightning data are relied upon by countless pilots.

Options for 3D vision, animated radar, infrared, and visible satellite imagery (in specific regions) further add to the value that the app provides. There is also the option of a Garmin Delta Pilot watch, for anyone looking for the perfect gift for the pilot in their lives!

7. Jeppesen Aviator

Jeppesen’s aeronautical navigation charts, or “Jepps”, are used by thousands of pilots worldwide, and the company is a trusted leader in the aviation sector. Increasing airline efficiency is the main goal of Jeppesen’s ‘Aviator’ product, which includes a comprehensive suite of EFB solutions designed to streamline pilot workflows and lower ground operation costs. A core part of the Boeing group, Jeppesen’s Aviator EFB product is a solid choice for pilots.

8. Windy

It wasn’t created to serve specifically as an aviation weather app, but Windy is growing in popularity among pilot communities. Whilst it’s critically important to always refer to regularly updated professional charts and data drawn by forecasters, Windy’s app can provide valuable information on surface wind and cloudbase.

It also allows for quick access to METARS, TAFS and NOTAMS. Pilots can also search by IATA location identifier to pinpoint the location they need weather information for.

Speaking of the best apps for pilots on the flight deck, have you seen what Fluix can do? Airlines like SAS, Titan Airways, and Alaska Airlines are all using Fluix to streamline operations and improve in-flight efficiency. Take a look at some of the aviation use cases and success stories to see the part Fluix can play in your EFB.

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