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SAS sees soaring benefits from digitized flight operations

SAS Success Story
  • Limited-capability software that could not offer the option to annotate flight plans and flight operations forms.
  • Pilots and Flight Operations teams were required to conduct multi-step, manual processes that required an over-reliance on paper.
  • Fragmented processes, siloed in separate software solutions across different departments.
  • Ability to annotate electronic flight plans and flight operations forms right in the app.
  • Paperwork can be completed in digital format in Fluix, then emailed and securely stored – all with just a few taps on an iPad.
  • A reliable, dynamic software solution that can grow alongside SAS into the future, with the possibility of scaling across several departments (ground operations, training) and other processes, as needed.
SAS, Scandinavia’s leading airline, with main hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, flies to destinations in Europe, the USA and Asia. Spurred by Scandinavian heritage and sustainability values, SAS aims to be the global leader in sustainable aviation. The company will reduce total carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2025, by using more sustainable aviation fuel with their modern fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft.
In addition to flight operations, SAS offers ground handling services, technical maintenance, and air cargo services. SAS is a founding member of Star Alliance™, and together with its partner airlines offers a wide network worldwide.
Today, SAS has a team of over 5,000 people, including 1,561 Fluix users across their Flight Operations Team and Pilots.
No strangers to innovation, SAS had transitioned to using iPads by 2013, which was quite common at the time among airlines who wanted to implement Electronic Flight Bags. SAS had been using software to help them to retrieve their digital Flight Plans, but they needed to be able to annotate and record time and fuel checks on their Flight Plan PDFs, and that wasn’t possible with their existing document distribution software solution.
Airline optimization also includes the streamlining of time-consuming, manual tasks. Management at SAS were seeking to minimize the number of manual steps pilots needed to complete paperwork, which increased the urgency of finding the best possible solution.
Today, SAS has a team of over 5,000 people, including 1,561 Fluix users across their Flight Operations Team and Pilots.
  • Inability to easily store flown flight plans for the regulatory three month archiving period.
  • Multi-step manual paper processes for pilots
  • Inability to fully annotate and record time and fuel checks on PDF Flight Plans
  • Fragmented processes

Solution to improve airline operational efficiency

Fluix (known at the time as PDF Expert Enterprise) was recommended to SAS by a trusted technology provider. Certain that the software could meet their needs, SAS connected and linked all of their flight operations forms with Fluix.

After a year or so, SAS also added their flight plans to Fluix, which was a much more regulated process that required approval, and proof that Fluix was fit for purpose;

SAS Success Story
“We had to convince people that Fluix was good for the job, and it was.”
SAS Success Story

Today, 28 workflows in Fluix have automated previously manual processes: assessment forms, training course evaluation forms, catering report forms, feedback forms, training flights, and of course eOFP (electronic operational flight plans).

Electronic Operational Flight Plans (eOFP) can be accessed by pilots offline in any corner of the globe, annotated, submitted down the process, and securely stored in cloud.

Results of airline digital transformation

SAS Success Story
SAS Success Story
Key Statistics
documents per year
business processes
2 million
pages of paper saved per year (approx. 11,000 kg)
  • Process control
    Flight plans are received from an external source, and Fluix adds them into a workflow. Once the flight plans are in Fluix, it is easy to track every step of the submission process. Fluix also allows users to submit forms to where they need to go, as well as uploading them as a backup to company storage.
  • Saved time

    From the pilot’s side, Fluix has saved a lot of time.

    “A few clicks on the iPad – multiply that by hundreds of pilots, with hundreds of flights – it all adds up.” Jonathan Fox, EFB administrator.

    From the backend/admin side, Fluix automatically puts the completed, annotated flight plans directly into a folder directory on the company document system. Other teams can then directly pick what they need, if there’s a flight they need to look into. If for any reason there is a 2nd flight plan submitted for a flight, it will override the first one. The design process behind Fluix keeps that in-mind.

  • Simplicity
    A user-friendly interface makes Fluix easy to implement and manage across large teams.
  • Excellent Support

    SAS have a dedicated Fluix Account Manager who regularly checks-in with them. The airline can also request assistance from the world-class Fluix Support Team to quickly help with any query they might have.

    “The service that we receive from Fluix is second-to-none. The Support Team is always so helpful with any setup queries, and the pilot support is excellent.” Jonathan Fox, EFB administrator at SAS Connect

  • Less rework
    Smart workflows in Fluix help to reduce manual user input as much as possible. In addition, a lot of human error is eliminated because pilots need to complete the form and required fields before they send it, as well as ensuring that a proper signature is in-place.
  • Backup

    Documents are stored in the Cloud which is crucial, especially for instructors, because they are required to keep the documents that they have signed. The documents remain secure in the cloud and backed-up for a month, which has also made it easy to locate documents for people who have left the company. Each user has a personal cloud storage which is completely separate from the admin cloud storage for all submitted documents.

    “We’ve been able to solve absolutely everything – no lost documents that couldn’t be retrieved.” Thomas Kleive, Systems Manager Mobile Solutions

  • Compliance
    As a regulatory requirement, flight plans need to be kept for 3 months, which Fluix facilitates.
  • A proven solution that has grown alongside SAS

    Fluix has proven its ability to help with flight operations, meaning SAS is planning to adopt Fluix for further digitization processes like Ground Operations, Pilot Training, and other projects.

    “It’s so nice that Fluix has so much time for their customers – lots of other vendors out there don’t.” Geneth Daley, Mobile Solutions Manager at SAS

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