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Fluix for Android: Redefine Your Team’s Experience of Routine

Fluix is now available for Android! Fluix is a no-code platform that helps teams all over the globe digitize and manage documents, automate routine work, and optimize business processes.

New Cross-Platform Chapter

Until now, the Fluix app was exclusively available on iOS. Our research-led product innovations are largely fueled by listening to our customers. With that in mind, we decided to make Fluix available on Android in order to extend the solution to more teams, processes and use cases.

Six months have passed since that decision, and we’re delighted to announce that Fluix is available in the Google Play Store!

Fluix is now a cross-device software solution that takes the best from both Apple and Android platforms and provides access to services on any device, at any time, with or without Internet access. This ensures the instant, reliable availability of the services and information that fuel productive work.

What the Fluix App Offers Teams 

Less manual work and more automation bring faster results and help companies make data-driven decisions. Here’s how it can be done in Fluix:

1. Create a transparent process for cross-functional teams

The Fluix’s flexible workflow builder allows you to transfer a process of any complexity and scale it if needed. 

No additional effort from teams, no broken timelines.

2. Bring mobility to remote teams

Ensure remote teams always have the details, files, and digital forms needed to complete their job – anywhere, any time. Accurate mobile data collection: text, images, geolocation, signatures.

Offline? – No problem! Once the connectivity is back – the data is pushed down the workflow. 

No space for error, no lost documents.

3. Make cross-team collaboration easy

Customizable workflows allow teams to work together easily: send documents for review, comment, provide approvals, and share with customers instantly. 

No delays in delivering documents, no need to meet in person.

4. Get reliable data

High-quality, rich data for reporting, analysis and making informed decisions. Automated aggregation, structuring and pushing data to any other solution of your choice for further analysis or visualization.

No wasted time on manual data retrieval and space for human error. 

Why You Will Like Fluix

It’s hard to choose the right solution when there are numerous options in the marketplace. We’ve highlighted several important points below, for you to reference while considering Fluix and comparing it with others.

Feel the immediate impact on your team’s efficiency.

Our philosophy is that a solution should be integrated into company processes within days. This becomes possible with the help of a free trial, pilot project, professional services, and any other assistance needed to launch the software as fast and as smoothly as possible.

Redefine the experience of doing routine jobs. 

We believe that the chosen solution should be loved by the employee who uses it. This is why we’ve designed the Fluix app to be intuitive and simple-to-use, with no learning curve for end-users.

Buy a service, not just software. 

Top-notch support, dedicated managers, and our collaborative internal communication ethos allows us to hear your needs. Being a flexible team, we are able to react fast and adapt our product to meet the current and future requirements of businesses.

Make the use of integrations.

Powerful third-party integrations will make your tools talk to each other and facilitate the automation of more business processes in your company.

Use one platform for many tasks. 

Our customers vary from insurance, aviation, and energy businesses with thousands of users, to small HVAC teams. How is it possible? Fluix has a versatile, multipurpose functionality that covers multiple business use cases.

Read more about our Fluix vision here.

Today’s release of Fluix on Android extends the benefits of meaningful productivity to even more teams and businesses. If Android is your preferred platform for daily work, we welcome you to enjoy the experience we have been delivering through iOS and the web for all these years.

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