Olga Zakharova

Senior Product Manager

Olga Zakharova is a Senior Product Manager at Fluix, with a track record of over 9 years in the field. Her journey began as a Support Officer, and since then, she has steadily advanced alongside the product, contributing significantly to its development. Olga played a vital role in establishing the product's foundation, witnessing its transformation from a PDF editor to a comprehensive automation software.

In her articles and on LinkedIn, she shares her extensive knowledge in business processes and project management, providing valuable insights to the community. Olga is a strong advocate for cross-platform synchronization, and has co-authored numerous integration guidelines for the help center.

Events are one more of her passions. Olga actively participated in over 500 product management-focused events, including notable ones such as the 2023 Amsterdam Product-Led Summit and the 2022 Business of Software conference.