Invite Guest Users to Collaborate on Forms and Workflows 

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The biggest problem of having all processes within one ecosystem is that it may limit your collaboration. If you work on some projects with people who are not from your organization, inviting guests to join can be a pain. 

This is especially true for smaller sub contractors and clients who do as little digitally as possible. To e-sign a doc, you need either to create an account for them, or to buy a license, or both. 

Guest access is a great way to bring outside people into work with you. 

You get things done on time without dealing with digital bureaucracy. Your partners and clients are happy. Your projects move faster.

And you can have it all with Fluix.

Who Can Be a Guest User

Any person involved in work on your projects can be a guest user. 

  • Contractors who sign safety policies before starting to work at the location.
  • Subcontractors who complete some parts of work.
  • Clients who receive documents for e-signature. 
  • Employees who need to fill in forms periodically. 
  • Trainees who undergo training and need course copies and assignments.
  • HR managers who perform onboarding and offboarding.
  • Procurement teams who need to sign supplier agreements.

The roles above are just a few examples. With guest access, you can cover any business process where the occasional work on forms and documents is required.

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How Guest Access Works in Fluix

Inviting people to join is a simple 3-step process:

  1. You send a link to a person.
  2. They open the link and enter their email address and full name to access the task. 
  3. When done with filling and signing, they submit it. 

Why it makes your work easier:

  • No registration. The guest doesn’t need to install the Fluix app. All tasks can be opened and completed in a browser.
  • Smooth usage. The guest just follows a link. No IT and security audit, no arguments over agreeing budget. 
  • Unlimited guests. Any number of people can be assigned as guest users.
  • Easy completion. A clear intuitive process doesn’t require lengthy task description or communication.
  • No extra administration. Bare minimum of instructions for guests. Just let them know they’ll receive a link.
External collaboration in 3 simple steps: The guest opens the link in a browser, completes the form, and submits it.

Fluix App Users vs. Guests: Tech Differences

See this table to understand the operational difference between regular app users and guests.

How to Set Up Guest Access for Your Account

You set the process one time, and it doesn’t require further administration.

What the admin does:

  1. Configure Guest Task in Fluix workflows. 
  2. Send invites with a shareable link.

See the full tutorial: How to create guest tasks to collaborate with non-Fluix users.

Task settings in Fluix

What guests do:

  1. Click on the link to open the app on any device in a web browser.
  2. Fill in or sign a document. 
  3. Tap Finish task.
Options to finish a task

The completed forms will be automatically pushed down the process, be it emailing to the office, archiving in the cloud storage, reviewing by the manager, or any other action based on your business flow.

Example of a workflow with guest collaboration

More Help 

In case you have extra questions on guest access or need assistance with settings, contact us at, and our managers will be happy to help you.

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With Fluix, you can work on your projects in the way that fits you. And our assisted onboarding that includes a 1:1 consultation with a manager, and ongoing support will help you move forward quickly, and start seeing actual results in several weeks.

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