Workplace Safety Podcasts for Operations Managers to Listen To in 2024

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It goes without saying that the most important thing for ops managers is that everyone in the workplace or on the jobsite goes home safe at the end of each day.

Putting the correct protocols in-place to confidently deal with incidents, accidents, or near-misses, as well as being able to manage them with safety management software, is paramount to ensuring workplace safety.

In no particular order, here’s our pick of the top workplace safety podcasts for 2024.

1. The Case for Safety Podcast

The American Society of Safety Professionals showcases its 100+ years of leadership in occupational health and safety in this engaging podcast. Host Scott Fowler is joined by expert-level guests to discuss the latest trends and topics affecting the global safety sector, such as risk analysis, improvement of workplace safety, and the optimization of safety management systems.

Episode length: An average of 20-40 minutes

2. The Safety of Work

Dr Drew Rae and Dr David Provan from the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, break down the latest safety research and provide listeners with practical safety management tips, including safety protocols, risk analysis for remote and hybrid workers.

Episode length: An average of 40-60 minutes

3. Women in Safety Podcast

Hosted by Women in Safety community network Founder and CEO, Alanna Ball, this podcast is designed to connect the safety profession through conversation and inspiration. It also supports the work of the Women in Safety community network, which encourages women working as safety professionals to discuss issues and barriers, as well as driving positive change within the profession.

Episode length: An average of 15-30 minutes

4. On the Safe Side Podcast

America’s National Safety Council is the country’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, with a primary focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths in the U.S. The Council’s work is supported in part by their magazine, Safety+Health, and by their podcast, On the Safe Side.

The podcast is hosted by the Safety+Health magazine editorial team, who discuss important safety topics and interview leading voices in the profession.

Episode length: An average of 20-30 minutes

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5. Two Bald Guys Talking Safety Podcast

Evotix develops technologies that are transforming management of the world’s most critical EHS and well-being challenges. The company’s podcast aims to promote the message that everyone is entitled to a safe working environment

Hosts Julian Taylor and Langdon Dement are regularly joined by expert guests to discuss a wide range of topics including safety paperwork, safety management practices, safety data collection and analysis, and how to perform safety audits and inspections.

Episode length: An average of 30-50 minutes

6. The Human Risk Podcast

People are often described as the largest asset in most organizations. They are also the biggest single cause of risk. This podcast is hosted by Christian Hunt, Author of Humanizing Rules and Founder of consultancy and training firm, Human Risk. 

The idea of human decision-making as a risk is the overarching theme, as well as how behavioral science can offer insights into risk mitigation.

Episode length: An average of 45-60 minutes

7. The Accidental Safety Pro

The Health and Safety Institute (HSI) uses a combination of technology and content solutions to help safety, human resources, and operations leaders in the U.S. to train and develop their workforce, keep workers safe, and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements.

The Institute’s podcast, hosted by the HSI’s Chief Safety Officer, Jill James, offers listeners the opportunity to learn how safety professionals came into their role, what they’ve learned along the way, and some of the highs and lows that come with their job.

Episode length: An average of 40-60 minutes

8. IOSH Podcast

Founded in 1945, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals. The UK-registered charity’s vision, supported by 50,000+ members in over 130 countries, is to create a safe and healthy world of work for everyone. 

The IOSH magazine and podcast inspire conversation around several of the most important topics for those working in occupational health and safety roles worldwide.

Episode length: An average of 20-30 minutes

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9. Health and Safety Conversations with Tom Bourne

Tom Bourne has been training safety professionals in Australia for over 10 years. He really enjoys talking about safety, as well as listening to others sharing their experiences and stories. 

Taking safety topics and applying them to real workplaces with real people is Tom’s speciality. Topics covered on the podcast include psychological safety, regulations, legislation, and technology designed to protect workers in the workplace.

Episode length: An average of 45-60 minutes (special episodes up to 100 minutes)

10. Process Safety with Trish & Traci

The official podcast of the UK-based Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is hosted by Director of IChemE Safety Centre, Trish Kerin, and Executive Editor of Digital Media at Chemical Processing Magazine, Traci Purdum. 

The hosts discuss the analysis and mitigation of process safety issues, and further build on those conversations with a selection of expert guests. Topics range from change management, ethics, and process safety indicators, to the importance of continuous learning.

Episode length: An average of 20-25 minutes

11. The Safety Conversation with SHP

SHP (Safety & Health Practitioner) is a UK-based source of health and safety news, opinions, and stories for health and safety professionals. SHP is also the main content supporter of Safety & Health Expo, the UK’s leading event for the health and safety profession. 

Their podcast aims to bring listeners the latest news, insights, and legislation updates in the form of interviews, discussions, and panel debates with industry-leading figures. Conversation points include common workplace hazards, how to build a safety culture, and mental health.

Episode length: An average of 25-45 minutes

12. Operations with Sean Lane

Workplace and jobsite safety form part of an ever-evolving operational ecosystem that operations managers need to be constantly tuned into. 

In this podcast, host Sean Lane offers operational tactics and insights to help ops managers to navigate a range of topics, including the fundamental elements of planning, performance, and analysis that are needed to fuel growth.

Episode length: An average of 25-40 minutes

This article belongs to a series of podcast selections written and curated by our amazing podcast enthusiast and content creator Jen Butler. You may want to see another of her lists – Top Construction and Engineering Podcasts to Follow in 2024 – that also has a number of safety-relevant discussions included.

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Discover How Fluix Can Help Improve Your Workplace Safety and Compliance

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