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Top Construction and Engineering Podcasts to Follow in 2024

GlobalData’s latest report forecasts a healthy recovery for the global construction industry, after 2020 shook the foundations of the sector following the emergence of COVID-19. Despite some ripple effects still being felt, the report predicts global growth output to average 3.7% per-year between 2022 and 2025.

It’s a similar story for the engineering sector, with ResearchandMarket.com’s most recent report extending as far as 2030 with positive predictions of steady year-on-year growth. For those wishing to dive deeper into the conversation around those metrics, as well as listening to industry news and hot topics, podcasts are a great medium for exploring how to forge ahead in a constantly changing, competitive landscape – with guidance from industry veterans and experts.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s our pick of the top construction and engineering podcasts to check out in 2024.

The ConTechCrew

Check any reputable list of construction tech podcast names and you’re bound to see this stalwart – and for good reason! Since 2016, this weekly podcast has sought out the most influential innovators the industry has to offer and subsequently produced one of the most content-rich construction podcast series’ you’re likely to find.

The main goal of the podcast is to help construction companies flourish by utilizing technology. A rotating panel of hosts includes the podcast’s co-founder and JBKnowledge CEO, James Benham. This podcast can safely offer the assurance that everyone who’s interested can benefit from the information shared each week.

Episode length: An average of 60-80 minutes

The World’s Best Construction Podcast

With a name like that, we had to check out this podcast – and it didn’t disappoint! Where some podcasts tend to over-promise, this one doesn’t need to. Its core listenership will likely have come from The B1M YouTube channel, which boasts a whopping 3 million subscribers!

Co-hosts Fred Mills, Liam Marsh, and Luke Bligh combine forces to deliver top-tier content related to construction, engineering, and architecture. This podcast is relatively new, but it’s already not too far off the 100 episode milestone. When it comes to finding the best newcomers in the construction podcast genre, this one is hard to beat.

Episode length: An average of 40-60 minutes

Bred To Build by Hammr

Hosts Brek Goin & MattBangsWood started the podcast because they believe construction should abolish trade secrets. Their mission is to elevate the workforce by sharing the industry’s key learnings from leaders in the industry.

Considering they’ve both independently grown their own social media channels to nearly 1 million followers and have a shared passion for elevating the workforce, it’s no surprise that joining forces to create the Bred to Build podcast has helped to ensure its roaring success amongst folks in construction! Listeners praise the duo and their featured guests for engaging content, which delivers relatability, helpful tips, advice, and growth-mindedness for those working in the trades. The podcast is powered by Hammr, a professional network built for the trades.

Episode length: An average of 45-60 minutes.

The Modern Craftsman

Those seeking to build or expand on the overall brand of their construction company will benefit from listening to this podcast co-hosted by expert professional craftsmen Nick Schiffer, Tyler Grace and Johnny Hourihan.

Guests include successful business owners and subject matter experts, as well as fellow craft masters who detail highlights from their careers in trades. Although each episode is around 2 hours long, the topics are engaging and the conversation is genuinely interesting, with a number of helpful takeaways to note for future reference.

Episode length: An average of 2 hours

Constructive Voices

Constructive Voices is currently ranked in the top 1.5% of all podcasts worldwide. It covers a well-researched range of topics that can influence the construction sector, including the environment, biodiversity, social responsibility, sustainability, health, and inclusivity.

Subject matter expert guests work with rotating hosts to elevate this podcast to a well-deserved place as one of the best in its genre. The footnote guide and transcript of each episode is very easy to follow, and enhances the accessibility of the content.

Episode length: An average of 45 minutes

Build Better Podcast

Massachusetts-based Anastasia Barnes hosts the Build Better podcast, which aims to introduce listeners to some of the most influential industry experts working in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). The podcast highlights AEC industry trends and discusses how technology and innovation go hand-in-hand, and how important it is to embrace new technology in order to foster an environment of efficient productivity.

Anastasia is also the publisher of High Profile, which is a three-generation family-run publication and media outlet specializing in Facilities Development news for the New England region of the USA since 1997.

Episode length: An average of 30 minutes

The Engineers Collective

As population density in cities increases and the urban sprawl spills out to form commuter belts, engineers are the people who are working out how to ensure that essentials like water and electricity are able to scale to meet the growing demand. The Engineers Collective is a podcast run by rotating hosts who are all members of the New Civil Engineer editorial team.

The New Civil Engineer is a monthly magazine for members of the Institution of Civil Engineers, which is the UK chartered body that oversees the practice of civil engineering in the UK. It is a well-revered publication that has been around since 1972, adding gravitas to the podcast, which itself has gained a loyal and engaged following.

Episode length: An average of 45 minutes

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The Lien Zone

In this podcast, host Alex Barthet discusses construction law, contracts, liens and bonds, and how to run a construction business. Barthet is an attorney based in Florida, and he’s also a mechanical engineer by education, as well as being Board Certified in Construction Law.

As he’s based in Florida, the podcast generally tends to focus on the applicable laws and regulations governing construction in that region, but there are some great gems of general advice and expertise to be found in the 250+ episodes currently available on Apple Podcasts.

Episode length: An average of 15 minutes

Construction Brothers

Sixth-generation builders, Eddie and Tyler Campbell, co-host one of the best-produced and most valuable construction podcasts around. The brothers discuss everything related to construction, architecture, engineering, technology, and trades, and it’s clear that they really enjoy their work.

The best thing about this podcast is that some of the most informative and popular episodes have been sorted into ‘starter packs’ that allow listeners to immediately find the topics that interest them. It’s a genius way to consolidate episodes in a way that offers additional value to listeners, while also creating an easily accessible back catalog – other podcasts should really take a leaf from Eddie and Tyler’s book on that one.  

Episode length: An average of 40 minutes

The Peggy Smedley Show

With more than 840 episodes drawing in an average of 115,000 listeners, the Peggy Smedley show has cemented its place as one of the most highly-regarded podcasts in its genre. Founder and host, Peggy Smedley, is a digital transformation and IoT advocate and expert, and the show is a sounding board for Peggy and her guests to discuss the topics that are important to construction and related industries.

A recurring conversation point in the podcast is that many industries are intrinsically linked via technology, logistics, various frameworks, and the need to embrace technology in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Episode length: An average of 30 minutes

The Construction Management Podcast

In order to support the growing number of construction professionals seeking to upskill into management roles, Damien Edwards created Builder Tactics – a website dedicated to providing training courses and resources to support the next generation of construction managers.

Edwards’ next step was to create The Construction Management Podcast, allowing listeners to gain an insight into the world of construction management. Episodes feature interviews with construction industry experts and leaders who share the story of their own career journeys and offer sound advice on everything from leadership and management styles, to establishing a good routine and maintaining jobsite expectations.

Episode length: An average of 30 minutes

ASSP Construction Safety Podcasts

Safety is always the number one concern for those working on construction projects. This podcast from the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) covers all the major potential hazards, including trips, falls, working at heights, demolition protocol, and steps to ensuring the protection of eyes and ears from work-related damage or injury.

Sometimes we think we know all of the important things when it comes to health and safety, but revising and refreshing our knowledge with the help of industry experts in this podcast can empower us to address any incident with confidence and clarity.

Episode length: An average of 30 minutes


This award-winning monthly podcast was previously hosted by Missy Scherber, who helped to lead it to award-winning status. New host, Taylor White of Ken White Construction, has carried on the tradition of giving construction business owners and industry experts a space to share stories of their successes, challenges and whatever else is on their minds.

Billed as a show that focuses on delivering construction business insights for contractors, listeners can expect candid interviews and sage advice across 350+ episodes recorded since the show began in 2016. The podcast was spun out of the major construction industry event of the same name, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, which brings contractors, dealers, producers, service providers, and other construction professionals together.

The next in-person CONEXPO-CON/AGG event will be held from March 3rd-7th, 2026, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Episode length: An average of 50 minutes

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