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On The Go

Switching from offline to online is part of today’s competitive business environment. Easy to use, scalable and fast to deploy Fluix is designed to help your business transition easily with minimal setup costs.

Speed up your contract turnaround time

Signed contracts can be easily shared with the office admin staff right from the client meeting via Fluix. The documents shared are automatically organised reducing office admin time. The ease and speed with which contracts are digitally shared reduces downtime for the sales teams allowing them to focus more time and energy on closing new deals.

Upgrade The Paper-Pen-Typewriter
Process To Modern Technology

Reduce mistakes and save time

Human errors are unavoidable and time consuming. Fluix offers a reliable solution. With introduction of required fields on your PDF documents, the sales team is prompted to fill out important information.

“The mobile workforce today is reliant on a bird’s eye view control. Fluix delivers this. I would most definitely recommend Fluix to anyone looking for the best tool to manage electronic PDF forms.”
Ignacio Garcia, Information Manager
“Fluix has reduced the downtime for our remote sales teams. Now, our sales reps can sign contracts whilst on the road. They can write a change order, send it to the client via email, the client signs and we receive the paperwork in our office.”
Vince Nardo, President

Sign contracts with no delays

Oftentimes contracts are subject to change. With Fluix you can make changes online and have the contract ready to be signed within minutes.

Accuracy and speed are the backbones of a successful negotiation and with Fluix signatures can be collected easily and without delay.

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