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Reduce human error

In healthcare records every little detail matters. The illegible handwriting doctors are notorious for might cause errors due to misinterpretation. By keeping digital records, you can make sure that your employees will be prompted to enter all the required information and easily track the history of all the entries.

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“Mobile workforce today needs over-the-air control, and that’s one hot feature of Fluix. I would most definitely recommend Fluix to those looking for best in class eForm, PDF and even document-handling for the iPad.”

Ignacio Garcia,
Information Manager
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Ensure data security and integrity

GDPR & HIPAA Compilant

Healthcare records contain highly sensitive information and it’s important to ensure security when storing and transferring patient data. The risk of sensitive medical data leakage or misusage is reduced when using reliable digital solutions which are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. The digitization healthcare provides a new level of data security for the patients. Read our Privacy Policy

GDPR & HIPAA Compilant

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Remote patient monitoring

Fluix for Healthcare

Digital technologies have had a tremendous impact on remote patient monitoring. It has become much easier to collect medical forms with health data from individuals and electronically transmit that information securely to health care providers. When visiting patients, healthcare workers now have all the information they need on a mobile device.

No need to carry a laptop or a huge bundle of files. If patients require an additional prescription or an appointment in the hospital, an appropriate form can be signed and sent to the healthcare institution right on the spot.

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