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Roche Makes Effortless Transition From Paper To Digital Processes

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG is a Swiss global health-care company that operates worldwide under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics.

Roche Holding AG Success Story
“When looking for a solution to replace paper-based forms with electronic medical forms that properly supported handwritten signature handling, Fluix was the only one that fulfilled our three main requirements: ease of use, easy to deploy and strong compliance. Deployment of the app is almost effortless. Form development just requires standard PDF tools, the Briefcase repository can be connected to almost any cloud service and the admin tasks are easily performed within the admin console.”

Fluix overcomes regulation and compliance challenges

Working in a regulated environment, Roche Pharma Spain has a unique set of medical records such as patient forms, that customers sign to close a deal. Before Fluix, these mandatory 100-paged documents were passed along via mail. This process had to be frequently restarted due to errors and lost files.

There was yet another challenge in making sure that the latest versions of these forms were used, as they were often updated. With Fluix, a document management and form automation software, Roche was able to centrally deploy digital medical records, without process disruption, and be fully compliant. The signed electronic health record forms are received in the office within seconds after completion, making the process more efficient for Roche.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use electronic medical records management

Roche Work

Roche Pharma Spain found that Fluix helped maintain compliance in their highly regulated industry — creating a controlled environment with user access management and capturing biometric user data for digital signature validation. Additionally, users were able to start using the form automation software app from day one without additional training time required — a critical element for users working at remote locations.

Roche Work
“Mobile workforce today needs over‐the-air control, and that’s one hot feature of Fluix. I would most definitely recommend Fluix to those looking for best in class eForm, PDF and even document handling for the iPad.”

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