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Safety Inspection & Audit Software

Why Safety Inspection Software Is Needed?

>Safety inspection software streamlines all the tasks related to safety risk management within the organization.  It is used by safety officials, supervisors, and frontline workers to perform safety audits, perceive risks, and record corrective actions. Using this software worker can save significant time streamlining the gathering of statistics and reports preparation. More time can be spent on improving procedures within the organization and much less on unproductive record keeping.

Safety risk management system presumes the development of several basic elements:

  • Hazard detection with the organization – formation, and implementation of the instructions for conducting a job hazard analysis, the building of the security checklists, and health & safety risk register templates.
  • Understanding of the safety level within the organization – includes safety audits, regular assessment of health & safety, and recommendations for the improvement within the safety improvement report.
  • Development of the control measures – include the control points with the safety risk management process to understand the safety compliance level before and after the implementation of certain safety measures.

The role of the workplace security screening software is to automate all three basic elements of the safety risk management system and reduce time on detection, audit, and reporting of the safety risks. 

How Does Safety Inspection Software Work in Different Industries?

Inspection management software is beneficial to any industry, simplifying the safety audit, gathering required data, and reporting the inspection results. Let’s explore several cases illustrating how to do health & safety risk assessment and reporting in various industries with the help of a security screening application.

Wind Farm Inspections 

One of the main challenges facing the wind farm is overseeing a number of sites spread over hundreds of miles apart. At the same time, it faces the need to control hundreds of subcontractors, as well as the large stock of equipment. With these challenges in place, paperwork becomes just overwhelming. Here, the security screening software can save the organization, reducing labor time, and eliminating the risk of losing a bunch of important information.

Safety inspection applications can transform the wind farm field audit into the automated online audit and save the companies from staggering paperwork. As a result of such cooperation, wind farms can save time on auditors’ work introducing the automated forms templates, tracking site operations in real-time, and gaining customized security clearance reports based on automated data collection. 

Aviation Maintenance Inspections 

Safety risk management plays a central place in aviation. The health & safety of passengers is the priority for any airline. Consequently, the aircraft check has to be quick and efficient. In addition, most airlines are concerned about what else can be done to improve protection and how to do health and risk assessment better.

Evaluation of aircraft performance and collecting systems aircraft inspection checklists and maintenance records are among the tasks that the security screening app can automate in any airline. In most cases the Check Flight Department is one of the departments in the airlines overwhelmed with paperwork related to these tasks and looks for the standardized online security clearance checklist to work with. The safety automation software can do much more than that, raising the productivity of the airline to the new level.

The collection and distribution of inspection data through the health safety risk assessment checklist can streamline the workflow. The data from employees’ IPads in this case just flow into the database automatically. The things that were done in hours with automated software can be done in minutes with the site safety checklist and on-site risk assessment. A completed aircraft maintenance form can reach the Maintenance and Engineering team in minutes guaranteeing the coordination of the test flights in real-time and reacting to any discrepancies immediately. The risk management system and mobile data collection will streamline any security audit. 

Vehicle Inspections 

Time management and document-related compliance are the main challenges that service companies face. For example, in crane service companies it’s the law to inspect overhead cranes once per year. Each crane needs to have a binder with its own safeguard documents next to it and these documents need to be available for inspection at all times. There are severe fines and penalties for non-compliance. Each crane has its own individual information that needs to be documented, such as crane type, crane number, etc. Compliance is critically important, and onsite paperwork spot-checks aren’t uncommon. To meet this challenge protection analysis software can allow for onsite, immediate sign-off for safeguard checklists.

Safety inspection apps can create an automated security analysis checklist for vehicle inspections and save the time being wasted or rushed on completing paperwork. All the documents, in this case, are saved in the cloud-storage and this also will help to meet the compliance requirement. OH&S Inspections are frequent, and if the field teams and managers have phones, they can access OSHA inspection software and show the tickets for inspection. A free scanning tool for handwritten documents as part of a security check app can also help in this process. 

Key Benefits of Safety Inspection Software

Reduction of Paperwork

Electronic information consists of information in computer systems, tablets, and cell phones. Automatic inspections make the tedious challenge of scanning those devices simpler. There are many benefits for businesses to spend money on those structures. Advantages include records series, regular inspections, annual audits, monitoring deficiencies, and taking measures to correct them, quickly and appropriately. You need just one inspection management software to cope with a majority of these business issues for your organization.

Speed up of Regular Inspections

The proper risk management system can bring down your workload through leaps and bounds. It could reduce the day by day obligations of manual assessment and speed up the process. Paper-based data collection takes days and hours. With the security validation app, the identical work may be carried out in minutes and seconds. Using barcodes, for instance, can quicken the system of price tag inspection with minimum effort. 

Regulation Compliance

Automated safeguard audit analysis helps to meet the compliance rules on  local, countrywide, and international levels. It permits all information to be accessed easily and appropriately. It saves a huge amount of time and effort to comply with regulations, and meet the guidelines with pre-defined checklists. Workplace security clearance software also allows to back-up the data in the cloud and easily access it during the compliance checks. The data is at the company’s disposal at any time.

Remote access

In the case when the company works with multiple subcontractors countrywide or even worldwide it is essential to gather field security audit data remotely. Digital security screening software gathers the data immediately and organizes its flow from mobile devices of the employees to the analytical department. This helps to detect any discrepancies in health & safety standards in minutes.

Rely on Fluix to Perform Your Safety Inspection & Audit

In the modern world, there are more regulations than ever, and every company is required to adhere to them. Penalties for non-compliance are extremely high and strictly enforced. Secure storage of documents is extremely important. To control your inspections at various stages, you want an effective automated tool. Fluix is a work safety software ready to meet your audit requirements. Whether you’re a company that desires to collect data countrywide, perform security audits, comply with rules and regulations, or save time on safeguards improvement reports, you can finally forget about the tedious pen and paper process. Digitize, automate, and transform your security audit inspection with Fluix.

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